Hasselbeck’s New ‘View’: Palin’s a Media Manipulator

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Photo: Getty Images)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Photo: Getty Images)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a new “view” on Sarah Palin.

The right-leaning co-host of “The View” on ABC (and the only Republican on the show’s all-female panel) accused Palin of “manipulating” the media. And, in the process, she appeared to endorse Mitt Romney for president.

On Thursday’s show, Hasselbeck and co-host Barbara Walters got into a discussion exploring why the nation’s economic woes are not centerstage in the news media right now. The reason, according to them: Other stories – such as the titillating scandal surrounding New York Rep. Anthony Weiner and Palin’s magical mystery bus tour (OK, the “mystery” here is whether or not she’s running for president) are occupying the media’s attention.

“For the administration, Weiner-gate is the best thing that could happen to try and cover up [the country’s economic problems],” Hasselbeck said. “We are in the sorriest state that we have been in in a very long time.”

Watch the video here:
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“What are we talking about now?” Walters asked. “Sarah Palin’s bus? Mitt Romney’s healthplan in Massachusetts [“The pizza party?” interjected Joy Behar]. So where are the republican candidates? There are at the moment no Republicans yet running on the economic platform . . . that is the campaign issue and it hasn’t been [discussed],” Walters declared.

In response, Elisabeth explained it all, even applying a somewhat obtuse “termite infestation” analogy. Said she, “Here’s why, Barbara. . . . If I had a problem in my house, if I had termites in my house, I’d get someone in there who could deal with it. Mitt Romney – right now, his specialty is the economy. I’d have him in there. Here’s why we’re not hearing [about] it because Sarah Palin’s on a bus and right now she’s manipulating in terms of media attention!”

As this story on HuffingtonPost.com points out, once upon a time (in 2008) Hasselbeck campaigned for Palin when she ran for vice president.

Now it appears that Elisabeth has abandoned Team Sarah and is throwing her support behind Team Mitt. Of course, Elisabeth can be so polarizing herself that we have to wonder: Is a Hasselbeck endorsement a help or a hindrance for the Romney campaign, which “officially” got underway on Thursday? Time will tell.

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