Cheryl Cole ‘X Factor’ Saga: Producers Ask Her Back

by | June 5, 2011 at 1:49 PM | The X-Factor, TV News

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole last month (Photo: Getty Images)

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole last month (Photo: Getty Images)

Hey, Simon Cowell, do you want Cheryl Cole on your new “X Factor” show or don’t you?

Well, if Simon were here, that’s what we’d ask him as this will-she-or-won’t-she story takes another abrupt turn. Now it seems that the British pop star (who’s much better known over there than over here) is being asked (or, more precisely, “re-asked”) to rejoin the highly touted Fox competition show as a judge, according to several accounts making the rounds on Sunday. Since they all seem to be based on an original story on, we’ll provide that link right here.

The story says Cole is now being asked back on the show by the “X Factor” producers, just a week after they told her they were dropping her. The story says it’s all a battle over money, that the show’s principal production company, Fremantle International, is realizing it’ll have to pay Cole whether she works on the show or not (according to the deal they made with her), so now they’d rather she work for the money.

Watch a preview of “The X Factor” here:

Here’s what we thought we knew about this: The first we’d heard about it, Cole was all set to play a major role as a judge on this show, which is being promoted as the centerpiece of Fox’s fall lineup – no less than the network’s autumn answer to “American Idol,” which is now a midseason staple clobbering all competitors (except “Dancing with the Stars” on occasion) from January to May.

We saw Cole with our own eyes – at the Fox Upfront Presentation in New York last month, on stage standing right next to Simon, along with other “X Factor” stalwarts including Paula Abdul and L.A. Reid.

Everything seemed alright then, but the next thing we knew, about 10 days later came the news that Cole was being dropped. One reason floating around at the time: Cowell had come to the realization that Cole’s English accent was too thick to be easily understood by American TV viewers – which, if true, could have been a big problem.

So what’s the story now? Has she suddenly solved her accent problems? What is this, “My Fair Lady”?

Anyway, please stay tuned to this story because Sunday’s developments seem like they could be subject to change, possibly as soon as Monday.

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