‘Freaky Eaters’ Returns With More “Crazy” Compulsions

Freaky-FoodsA woman who consumes 3,300 calories of plain corn starch a day? Another woman who’s gained 150 pounds from her compulsive craving for cheesy potatoes? These are the real-life stories told on the new season of “Freaky Eaters,” the TLC series that chronicles people receiving treatment for bizarre relationships to specific foods. Hopefully this doesn’t sound like you. But it might. “Everyone has a little bit of weird going on,” the show’s nutritionist, J.J. Virgin, told EW.com. What qualifies as a freaky eater? “It’s when it goes to the extreme,” Virgin explained. “A freaky eater is someone who is focused on a single food or food group, and they are eating it to the point where it’s damaging their health, relationships, or finances.” Like Nikki Myles, who’s addicted to eating corn starch. “Pretty crazy” is how “Freaky Foods”‘ psychotherapist Mike Dow described her compulsion to AOLTV.com. “When we found her she was eating corn starch that she’d hidden in the spare tire compartment of her car, she had it hidden in her house, she got laid off because her boss thought she was doing cocaine in the bathroom, because she had white powder on her face. I mean some of this stuff was literally — non-clinically speaking — crazy.” The second season starts tonight, June 5, with back-to-back episodes (Corn Starch and Cheesy Potatoes). Record the series here – and watch these previews.
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Freaky-Eaters/141095/1965169552/Corn-Starch-Junkie/embed 580 476]
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Freaky-Eaters/141095/1965201019/Addicted-to-Cheesy-Potatoes/embed 580 476]

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