Meet The ‘Ice Road Truckers’ Sexy New Driver: Maya Sieber

It doesn’t seem long ago that “Ice Road Truckers” jazzed up the series – and the ratings -by adding Lisa Kelly to its all-male lineup of heavy haulers. But that was season three. With the premiere of season five on Sunday, the gnarly road show welcomes another female driver, Maya Sieber, a five-four, dark-haired Jersey girl whose looks are equal to her driving skills, which are considerable. Siber has spent the past three years driving in and around the New York metropolitan area. Tune in to the History Channel at 9 pm to see her in action – or record the series to your DVR from In the meantime, here are more details:

How she got on the show: A producer offered her the job. “I was shocked at first, and I was kind of unsure if it was real,” she told the NY Daily News.

Her reaction to her first time on the icy roads: “Terrifying.”

Tattoos: Yes – a “Kenworth” tattoo “on her neck that advertises her commitment to the job,” according to her “Ice Road Trucker” bio.

Relationship Status: She’s single and recognizes that she put her career before marriage and children.

Likes and Interests: According to her Facebook page, she likes country music, “Smokey and the Bandit,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and of course “Ice Road Truckers.”
Watch Maya talk about her first drive on the ice.
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