Five Things You Need To Know About ‘Teen Wolf’

Teen Wolf (MTV)

Teen Wolf (MTV)

The hot new drama “Teen Wolf” premiered last night after the MTV movie awards. Tonight, the second episode airs in the show’s regular time period, Monday at 10PM. In the pilot, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) was bitten by a werewolf named Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and soon discovered he, too, was a werewolf. To make matters worse, his dream girl Allison’s (Crystal Reed) father is a werewolf hunter. This is definitely not the frothy 1980s teen movie that was the series’ inspiration. Here are five reasons why “Teen Wolf” stands out from this summer’s pack of teen dramas.

Watch The First Eight Minutes Of “Teen Wolf”:

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+ It’s the rare teen drama from a guy’s point of view. Being a teenage boy is every bit as difficult as being a teenage girl, but most youth oriented television shows only give the female perspective, relegating the boys to love interests. “Teen Wolf” aims to give the Y chromosome set their own supernatural drama. According to executive producer Jeff Davis, “I think it definitely sets it apart in that the other supernatural shows have done very well with the anti-hero.  They are the morose, brooding vampire who has to struggle against his desire to murder. Ours is more of a wish-fulfillment. In my eyes, it’s more of a Peter Parker-Mary Jane story. His life becomes better after being eaten by a werewolf. It also becomes worse. We did really want to give it a different tone. It’s funny because when I first started reading about “Teen Wolf” adaptations, when it was long ago rumored that it was going to be made into a movie with Tom Welling. It was floated the idea that they would have to replace the Michael J. Fox character with a female. I think, why not make a strong female character who is not a werewolf? Make her a hunter instead, or a hunter in training. It adds plenty of conflict.”

+ There is Plenty of Romantic Drama Without A Love Triangle.Vampire Diaries” has Stefan, Elena and Damon. “True Blood” has Bill, Sookie, and Eric. The pilot of “Teen Wolf” made it look like the show was headed down the same road with Allison, Scott and Lydia (Holland Roden). It’s a mislead. “We didn’t really want to copy the love triangle in “Twilight” and “True Blood,” says Davis. What the writers and I were really going for is a Romeo and Juliet story.”  Scott and Allison have more than enough drama without interfering parties. Posey explains, “It sucks because relationships are based on trust and honesty and ours is neither of those. It’s not like I’m lying to her. I keep things from her for her protection. But she thinks I’m just being weird and probably cheating on her.”

+ The True  Romance May Be the Bromance Between Scott and Derek Becoming a werewolf is not easy. Fortunately, Scott has a mentor in experienced wolf Derek. Hoechlin reveals the skills every werewolf needs to master.  “I am going to teach him how to not kill his family and friends. There’s an episode where he says he has homework and I say, “What’s more important? Homework or not killing your friends?”  That might be the priority number one, but Derek has his own own specific motives and they are revealed throughout the first season.” Davis explains, “It becomes very much the kind of master/apprentice relationship. As a kid, I remember watching the old kung fu movies on Saturday mornings and I always loved it when the young upstart is being trained by the Shaolin monk.”

+ There Will Be No Witches, Fairies, Vampires or Ghosts. It’s an unwritten rule of supernatural television: supernatural creatures flock together. “Teen Wolf” is determined to break the mold. “You’re getting Kevin Williamson’s “Secret Circle” for witches and you’ve got that in “True Blood” as well. I think there’s actually a lot of material in purely the realm of shape shifters.,” said Davis. “There are so many different cultures and stories. I’m fascinated by that. I’ve always said there will be no vampires in this show.” Though he quickly added, “Please ask me five years from now when I’ve run out of stories.”

+ The Pilot is Not The Template The pilot’s set up seemed pretty straightforward: teen geek gains wolf powers, becomes a star athlete, and struggles to keep his secret from the girl he likes. There’s a lot more to the story. “The end of episode 3 does twist the show in a new direction. It really launches it,” reveals Davis. The popular kids, Lydia and Jackson, are a lot more than the antagonists that they initially appear to be. “[Lydia’s] character actually develops in a way that I think will be surprising. You’re going to have to wait until later in the season to see a twist with her. ”  Mean jock Jackson (Colton Haynes) has a secret. “My character is adopted,” reveals Haynes. “He’s trying to impress the dad he’s never had.” Davis promises he has a plan. “Before writing the second episode, I knew exactly what the last frame of the last episode was going to be.”

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