RHoOC Explosive Finale: Tamra Hurls Wine At Jeana

Tamra Barney (Bravo)

Tamra Barney (Bravo)

The season finale of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” got real and real ugly. Not only did we have to deal with Vicki’s post-divorce-announcement ugly cry and Alexis perpetuating her state of denial about how she relates to Peggy—but we also had to watch the insanity of Jeana and Tamra transpire into something even more offensive than Alexis’ assistant’s new mustard-colored bangs.

Never mind the Preparation H for Vicki’s puffy eyes, Tamra needed a whole dang tube of it for her temper!

Watch The Epic Showdown Here:

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In an attempt to lessen the negative vibes between Tamra and Jeana, Peggy signals the fuming blond over to talk with the massive mullet-headed brunette, who claims that the press twisted her words on what she said about her frenemy. (Jeana had purportedly told an interviewer she saw Tamra hit Simon.)

“I’m disgusted for the human being you’ve turned into,” declares Tamra to Jeana. To add salt to the newly minted Cougar’s wound, Jeana retaliates by saying she doesn’t even believe Simon ever hit Tamra. Oh. no. she. di-int.

“First of all, it’s none of your f–king businesses, you understand me!” the blond screams as her nose curls up into bitter wrinkles (and a witch hat pops outta the air and onto her head). “Here’s your f–king letter, b–ch!” she continues as she throws a cease and desist letter in Jeana’s face.

“I’ll throw your skinny little a– in the pool,” threatens Miss J as she slowly walks up into Tamra’s grill, allowing the latter to stare at her huge chin mole protruding from her face. Tamra decides it’s time to show some fermented love and tosses red wine into the nosy gal’s eye! Blinded by the bubbly, the brunette throws her drink toward the direction of Tammy-cakes but misses and hits Peggy’s friend! Peggy’s friend flips out and pushes Jeana! Jeana’s divalicious chaperon, Ben, takes his glass and retaliates to protect his bestie! It’s a wine toss free for all!

“You are going to go to hell!” barks a bare-footed Tamra as Jeana and Ben storm off from the party. As her boy toy Eddie finishes flexing his rock-hard man boobs for all the salivating ladies at the party, he runs over to his Ole Lady and asks what caused the craptastrophe. She proceeds to lie to him and everyone else, claiming that Jeana physically threatened her first and that she was essentially trying to defend herself.

While we are well aware both ladies need rabies shots, who’s the lesser of the two evils in this dirty plight? Was Tamra’s vino attack on Jeana’s eyeball at all justified?

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