Sarah Ferguson Exposes Royal Secrets in ‘Finding Sarah’

Sarah Ferguson in 'Finding Sarah' (Photo: OWN)

Sarah Ferguson in 'Finding Sarah' (Photo: OWN)

In a promo for the new OWN reality series “Finding Sarah,” Oprah Winfrey advises the fallen Duchess of York to embrace her fear. But with a first episode, premiering Sunday, that reportedly features Ferguson spilling palace secrets, the royals might be the ones with reason to fear.

Oprah advised Ferguson that “there can be no real you without the vulnerability,” and the highlights show Ferguson near tears a number of times and calling for the cameras to stop rolling. If that weren’t enough, Dr. Phil tells her she “behaves like an addict” and Suze Orman says it looks like Ferguson took bribes.

London’s “News of the World” obtained a copy of the first show, in which Ferguson reportedly says she keeps away from the royals.

“Because you’re divorced, therefore you’re not invited,” says Ferguson, who was indeed not invited to the recent royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

“I haven’t spent a Christmas with my children for 12 years. But that’s OK,” she says. Then she pauses and adds: “It’s not OK, but what else can I do? I hate it.” Has Your First Look at “Finding Sarah”:

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In the promo, it appears such treatment may have taken its toll. “How do you get self-worth? I don’t know how to get it,” Ferguson wonders at one point.

In the episode, she describes a marriage in name only to Prince Andrew. “I went to Buckingham and lived on the second floor. But two weeks after getting married, Andrew was sent to sea (as a naval officer) … I saw him 40 days a year for the first five years,” she says.

“Suddenly, I went, ‘Hold on a minute. What’s all this? I thought I was going to live with my husband.’ Andrew wasn’t there,” she sobs, “and I didn’t know what to do.”

So, in “Finding Sarah,” she talks about it.

“In Britain they’d say it’s airing your laundry in public. Well, I guess I’m doing that,” Ferguson says.

“Finding Sarah” premieres Sunday, June 12 at 9/8c on OWN.

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