Piers Makes Girl Cry On ‘America’s Got Talent’

'America's Got Talent' Judges (Photo: NBC)

'America's Got Talent' Judges (Photo: NBC)

Seattle brought out the best (worst?) in Piers Morgan.

As “America’s Got Talent” Season 6 auditions continued, the curmudgeonly papa-to-be told Howie Mandel he wasn’t funny, walked away from the judging table during a street performer’s act and reduced a teenage girl to tears.

His ultimatum to 14-year-old KehLani Parrish, lead singer of the teen group Poplyfe: ditch the band or you don’t move on.

“I cannot go without my brothers,” KehLani shot back.  Luckily, votes from Howie and Sharon Osbourne put the youngsters through to Vegas – but not without a parting shot from the feisty vocalist.  “We’ll show you,” she said.

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Other standouts from show included:

Melissa Villasenor (Comedian) The 23-year-old sales clerk blew all three judges away with her arsenal of dead-on celebrity impressions.  “I don’t think you will be working in retail much longer,” Sharon exclaimed before a unanimous vote to advance her to Vegas.

The A+C Twins (Singers) Identical twin brothers Andrew and Charlie didn’t take too kindly to being the first act of the night to be buzzed.  One even called Howie a “hater” before the germaphobe judge hopped up on stage and joined them for an encore of “My Girl.”  The part-time models did not move on to Vegas.

Zuma Zuma  (Acrobatic Dance Troupe) Since the winners of “Kenya’s Got Talent” are always marathon runners, this group of acrobats and tumblers apparently decided to migrate to Washington State.  Ranging in age from 28 to 42, they jump rope and perform stunts you might expect from a crew of championship college cheerleaders – only with no mats and while dressed in outfits made from dead zebras.  We’ll get to see them again in Vegas.

Sadie  (Singer) We only got to see a few seconds of the third grader interpreting “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If it Ain’t Got That Swing).”  Who knew eight year olds listened to Duke Ellington?  Hopefully they’ll show more of her in Vegas.

Carlton Keith Baltimore (The Paper Horn Man) We may never know what made Piers so upset he walked out of the Paramount Theatre midway through the Philadelphia street performers 90-second act.  Maybe it was the instruments he was playing.  Did we mention they were all hand-crafted from paper?  What the 56-year-old auditioner lacked in “talent,” he made up for with an impromptu jam session with Nick Cannon.  But that wouldn’t be enough to get him through.  Back out into the cold, Seattle rain, Mr. Paper Horn Man.

Next up:  The auditions move to Houston, where a middle-aged professor from Norway will attempt to belly flop into a pool filled with 12 inches of water.

“America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays on NBC.

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