Brigid’s Big Weekend: Hallmark Movie Plus ‘Army Wives’

Brigid Brannagh fans, this is your weekend!

Brigid’s on twice this weekend – on Saturday night in a new Hallmark original movie – “A Crush on You” – and Sunday night on Lifetime’s “Army Wives”.

It’s the fifth-season finale of the hit Lifetime series about military spouses and their counterparts serving overseas. Brannagh, of course, plays Pamela Moran, on-again off-again wife of Chase Moran (Jeremy Davidson), who’s off serving in the Special Forces. Brannagh talked to us about Pamela and Chase’s status going into this Sunday’s episode (9/8c on Lifetime).

We also talked about this weekend’s Hallmark movie, in which Brigid plays a very different kind of character – a single mom with no social life who suddenly finds herself with a secret admirer (played by Sean Patrick Flanery) who keeps sending her mysterious e-mails. And if that sounds a little creepy, don’t be concerned. As Brigid explains, it’s all in good fun.


Prepare yourself for this Sunday’s “Army Wives” season finale by watching last weekend’s episode here:


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Here’s what Brigid had to say about her big weekend in a phone interview from California:

Two shows in one weekend – is this a big deal for you? You know, things are always a big deal while I’m doing them. But I try not to be concerned too much about the end-products. I don’t think it makes for a healthy life. Like if you see yourself on a billboard or a bus stop or something, I think that if you can’t stand next to it and take a funny picture next to your [own] face, then you might have a problem.

Do you watch your shows? Absolutely, I watch because I know what was going on. I know if I was tired or I said something that I was struggling with or when I thought something went really well and I watch to see if my perception is accurate.

You filmed “A Crush on You” last August, just days after ending weeks of filming “Army Wives.” Why take on a TV movie a mere week after doing all that work? I’ve been in the business over 20 years and I know from times that I’ve been broke and not employed that it’s really important to stay relevant. And as an actress, I want to keep going, always. I want to have a healthy working life after [“Army Wives”] and I always keep that in mind.

When you first read the script for “A Crush on You” and came across this scenario where some stranger was writing secret, intimate e-mails to your character, how did that strike you? Was it, to be perfectly candid, a little off-putting?
It’s funny because I had the same thought in the beginning. In the end, there’s definitely a pay-off. And, you know, it’s a TV movie. It’s not an overly complicated thing. We’re not talking about “Trainspotting” here! I think it’s a simple story and I think it’s simple and honest.

Please bring us up-to-date on “Army Wives” and where your character, Pamela Moran, is in her life as we go into Sunday’s season finale. Well [so far this season], she gets back with her husband. For the past year, she hasn’t exactly been an army wife [because] she gave an ultimatum to her husband about leaving Special Forces Delta and then they [got] divorced. And then he came back, and since she’s moved on with her life, she’s sort of like, I’m on my own now, I can handle it. She couldn’t handle what was happening before. And then her now ex-husband comes back and says, ‘I give up. I don’t want to lose my whole family.’ At the end of [last weekend’s episode], we were actually discussing a change together as a married couple about what their future is. And what they’re looking at is maybe their future isn’t in the army and maybe their future isn’t for Pamela to be in law enforcement.

“A Crush on You” premieres Saturday night at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel. “Army Wives” airs Sunday night at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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