Deep Soap: Is Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott Leaving the Show?

Melody Thomas Scott on 'Young & the Restless' (Photo: CBS)

Melody Thomas Scott on 'Young & the Restless' (Photo: CBS)

Last week, “The Young & the Restless’s” Nikki Newman entered rehab to undergo treatment for her alcoholism. The character has not been seen since. Savvy fans might wonder if Nikki’s portrayer, Melody Thomas Scott, was going on vacation for about 28 days. “General Hospitalrecently sent Luke (Tony Geary) to rehab to get the character off-camera while Geary enjoys his annual summer vacation.

According to Scott, she is not on vacation. That was her last scheduled appearance on the show. She is uncertain when, or if, she will be back on “Y&R.” She tweeted, “last Friday was my last air date. Have shot nothing since.”

TV Guide Canada’s controversial soap columnist Nelson Branco alleged in his column Friday that Scott was written off the show because she has refused to take a pay cut. He claims to quote an inside source who stated, ““Mel’s been keenly aware that June 3 was her last day for a while because Y&R can no longer afford her due to her outrageous episode fee. She’s lying to her fans; it’s disgusting, really, that in these depressing economic times that she’s holding out for almost $10,000 an episode when all of us are all taking one for the team.”

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Scott took to Twitter to vociferously refute Branco’s statements, tweeting: “I would love to find out who this person is. I’ve taken as many, if not more than my share of pay cuts. R we supposed to alert the world when we take a cut? No one is making what they used to. But for that matter, how does this [person] “know” what people make? I certainly don’t & we would never ask each other that question! The execs know the truth about that. How can people who obviously know nothing about this subject speak so “expertly”? There r no “talks” going on with me. We haven’t had any “talks” since this whole thing happened last time, which was roughly 2 years ago. These dates this person speaks of have no meaning to me, my reps, or the show.I have no contract of any kind.Maybe if there were “talks”an agreement could be made.But whoever is making these statements obviously does not have any knowledge of this situation.”

Two years ago, Scott temporarily left the show during a contract negotiation. Last year, her co-star Eric Braeden engaged in a protracted, public contract dispute when he left the show rather than take a pay cut. Eventually, he changed his mind and returned to the show. Will Scott be back in Genoa City soon? Stay tuned.

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