Thrilling ‘Killing’: Twist Jolts Penultimate Episode, Series Renewed for Season 2

'The Killing' (Photo: AMC)

'The Killing' (Photo: AMC)

With just a week to go before the sure-to-be-shocking season finale, the missing pieces are falling into place, and now one of the biggest unknowns has been confirmed — Yes, “The Killing” will be back next season. (Yes!)

AMC has renewed the moody murder mystery, which averages a solid 2 million viewers a week, for Season 2, the network announced Monday.

“The Killing,” based on the Danish series “Forbrydelsen,” set out on a season-long arc to solve the “Twin Peaks”-ian mystery of “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” That had many wondering a.) if the murder would be solved this season or dragged out, and b.) if the case was closed, would the show return. It seems likely that we’ll have our killer by the end of Season 1 and next year the show will focus on Detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) working on a new crime. That’s assuming, Linden never actually makes her move to Sonoma, which is improbable at this point (besides, that fiance is creepy), and especially considering the accolades leading lady Mireille Enos has gotten for the role, odds are she’s staying in soggy Seattle for good.

That’s excellent news for fans of the series, who were treated to a whopper of a reveal on the whodunit Sunday night.

***Spoiler Alert***

This week’s installment, titled “Beau Soleil,” dropped beau coup bombshells, starting with the revelation that straight A student Rosie did indeed lead a secret life … working for an online escort service called Beau Soleil, with the Indian casino as her playground, and hiding her earnings in a secret bank account opened up in her aunt’s name. Not only that, but those of you who thought Aunt Terry was shady were right (but doesn’t appear to be a suspect) – she’s a Beau Soleil girl herself, though she was unaware that her niece had followed in her black stiletto’d footsteps.

But here’s where it got really good: Turns out that an anonymous Beau Soleil client going by the alias Orpheus had, get this, a drowning fetish, and one of the girls had a run-in with him at the waterfront just before Rosie was sunk in the trunk of a car–belonging to the Darren Richmond campaign. Also curious: the politician’s wife died in a car accident of which the circumstances are still unclear (but may have been related to water).

That’s when Linden decided to provoke the new suspect Orpheus by sending an anonymous email to his account with the subject line: “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID.” Guess who ended up on the receiving end of that email? Darren Richmond. Billy Campbell’s character was, ironically, was one of our first suspects in the series premiere, but fell by the wayside when a string of new suspects emerged. Of course, we must also consider the possible traitors in Richmond’s camp – Gwen and Jamie – who could have access to Richmond’s computer.

Sure, there’s probably another trick or two saved up for the finale, but Sunday night’s episode certainly implied that Councilman Darren Richmond could very well end up being the one hearing Detective Linden saying these words next week: “You are under arrest for the murder of Rosie Larsen.”

The season finale of “The Killing” airs Sunday, June 19 at 10/9c on AMC.

Watch How Brilliantly the Reveal Plays Out in the Final Scenes of Last Night’s Episode:

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