Y&R’s Very Full Friday

Thirty Pounds of Plot in a Ten Pound Bag

Is it just me, or did Friday’s episode of “The Young & the Restless” have a week’s worth of story crammed into one episode? In the space of 37 minutes of actual content, Malcolm (Darius McCrary) and Sophia (Julia Pace Mitchell) found Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) long-hidden letter in which he revealed that Colin (Tristan Rogers) was his father and he had a twin brother named Caleb. Malcolm immediately realized that Lily (Christel Khalil) was not crazy; “Caleb” was gaslighting her. He told Lily the truth and she left the mental hospital. Jill (Jess Walton) earned that Colin was Cane’ father and had been lying to her throughout their marriage.  Colin realized that Cane was alive and pretending to be Caleb. Lily learned that Cane was alive. Their twins’ lives are in jeopardy, thanks to a lit cigarette igniting some gasoline next to the car where the twins are being held. Colin came face to face with his ex-wife Genevieve (Genie Francis). Genevieve pushed him off a balcony. The episode ended with Colin dangling off the balcony, a literal Friday cliffhanger.

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It was entertaining, exciting, and very campy, but more than a little rushed. Doesn’t Lily finding out her husband is alive merit multiple scenes? How about Colin realizing he’d been duped? He didn’t even get a chance to mourn Caleb’s death. There were a lot of rich emotional beats to explore that were rushed through at warp speed. Now that everybody found out the truth about everything on the same day, what’s left? Lily and Cane need to get past him convincing her she was going insane. If Colin and Genevieve both make it out of this situation alive and well, they have few other connections to the Genoa City canvas. Unless Colin pledges to renounce the mob  for the sake of his relationship with Jill, (this isn’t Port Charles after all) and uses his ill-gotten wealth to buy a bunch of Newman stock, or Genevieve ends up catching Jack (Peter Bergman) or Victor’s (Eric Braeden) eye, their characters don’t seem to have a lot of longterm viability.

Then again, Daisy (Yvonne Zima) is a one-dimensional villain and the show keeps finding things for her to do despite the fervent pleas of most of the audience that she leave town. Adam has done worse than Colin and Genevieve, and he’s now written as a romantic lead. So maybe Y&R is not relegating two of daytime’s biggest stars to the roles of short term villains in a summer storyline.

Random Y&R thought: Is Noah’s (Kevin Schmidt) cute blonde friend Hunter (Natalie Floyd) Tucker’s (Stephen Nichols) long lost child? The gender neutral name, her decision to leave New York for Genoa City, the hints that she does not have much of a family, and her lack of a connection to anyone else on the canvas are making me suspicious. Maybe the reason billionaire Tucker has been unable to find his long lost son is because she is actually a daughter.

Parental Guidance

I admit it. I got choked up when Roger Howarth Todd saw Starr (Kristen Alderson) on Friday’s episode of “One Life To Live.” They had one of my all-time favorite parent-child relationships on soaps. I still remember the first time he came back from the dead, returned to Llanview, and discovered that Blair had given birth to their daughter. “Starr? You named our daughter Starr?” he moaned incredulously to Blair. Though he encouraged his young daughter’s manipulative streak, he also loved and respected her. When he caught a glimpse of his now grown daughter, after building a similar rapport with Sam, it hit him just how much he lost when he was gone.

I am usually annoyed with “One Life To Live’s” Gigi (Farrah Fath). But she temporarily won me over on Friday when Shane (Austin Williams) revealed that he had figured out the girl who was flirting with him on-line was really Jack (Andrew Trischetta). Shane explained that he knew something was wrong because the girl, who allegedly met him at a comic convention, did not know the difference between DC and Marvel.

Shane: Out of nowhere? She said she saw me at the comic convention, but look. She said her favorite “batman” villain is black cat.

Gigi: Black cat? She’s not D.C., She’s Marvel.

Shane: Thank you.

Gigi: She dated Spiderman, for crying out loud. Who doesn’t know that?

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Not only does she Gigi score a couple of geek pop culture awareness points, it shows that she is a good parent because she actually takes an interest in her son’s hobbies. I bet she took Shane to the comic book convention and has spent many happy hours reading comic books with him. As much as I love Blair (Kassie DePaiva), she does not seem to have any clue what Jack’s interests are. That lack of parental involvement in his day to day life is partially responsible for Jack’s bullying ways.

Gigi was also right about “everyone” knowing the difference between DC and Marvel. Between the movies, video games The majority of teen boys have at least a passing knowledge of the comic book world. In real life, Shane would have a ton of friends with shared his interests, especially if he were talented enough to show off the books he drew at the local convention. If Jack is unaware, than he’d be considered strange. If he hates comic books, what does he like? I wish Shane’s dorky interest had been something socially unacceptable like ventriloquism or classical music.

By the end of the episode, Gigi lot me. Her decision to be late for her own wedding so she could attempt to put Jack in his place, ticked me off. Shane specifically asked her to let him handle it. Plus, it’s her wedding day. Does she subconsciously want to avoid marrying Rex (John Paul Lavoisier)? That’s understandable, but what bride wants to risk being late for her own wedding? If whatever Jack does to Gigi ends up turning her into Clint’s (Jerry Ver Dorn) heart donor, Shane will never get over the guilt.

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