Jay Or Conan: Republican Hopefuls Reveal TV Preferences

CNN's John King at the Republican debate Monday night (Photo: CNN)

CNN's John King at the Republican debate Monday night (Photo: CNN)

Somehow, in between all the questions and answers about the Obama administration’s record on the economy and healthcare, the Republican contenders for president were asked about their TV preferences Monday night.

According to the blow-by-blow coverage here on CNN.com, some of the candidates were asked pop-culture questions that required them to choose between Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien, “American Idol” or “Dancing with the Stars,” and Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash.

On the Leno-Conan question: Pennsylvania conservative Rick Santorum answered “Leno,” but added that he doesn’t really watch either “The Tonight Show” on NBC or “Conan” on TBS. Of course, TBS and CNN are both owned by the same company, Time Warner. Could the questioner have been trying to work in a plug for “Conan” during this debate, which was being aired on CNN?

Well, maybe. But the other pop-culture questions had nothing to do with Time Warner-owned entities.

On the “Idol”-“DWTS” question: Fun-loving Newt Gingrich answered “Idol,” though he didn’t illuminate his answer by explaining whether he preferred singing over dancing, or Randy Jackson over Len Goodman or even Ryan Seacrest over Tom Bergeron.

On the Elvis-Johnny Cash question: Tea partier Michelle Bachman answered, “Both – I have ‘Christmas with Elvis’ on my iPod.” Good answer, Michelle – that collection hopefully contains The King’s version of “Blue Christmas” and “Silent Night,” and who doesn’t love those?

Another question in this same vein was directed at Ron Paul – “iPhone or Blackberry”? His answer: “Blackberry.”

Our question: Who cares about the candidates’ brand preferences when it comes to their personal communications needs? (though we always love a good TV question or two).

And one last thought on the whole thing: At least they weren’t asked about “boxers or briefs”!

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