Fergie Reveals Dirty Secret to Jimmy Kimmel

Sarah Ferguson (ABC)

Sarah Ferguson (ABC)

Sarah Ferguson has been revealing all sorts of dirty secrets on her new OWN show, “Finding Sarah,” but on last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” she unleashed the dirtiest of them all. To pay for a trip around America as a teenager, the Dutchess of York cleaned toilets.

“I went to Score Valley and I had to get up at four in the morning and clean urinals for the undergraduates,” she said (pronouncing urinals as “your-eye-nahls”). “Then after that at about ten o’clock I was the portable ski lift for disabled children. Then at four o’clock until about midnight I cooked streudels.”

Fergie went on to share a memorable meeting with Frank Sinatra and discuss the impact Oprah has had on her life. Watch her full interview below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Jimmy-Kimmel-Live/93/2003277132/Tue%2C-Jun-14%2C-2011/embed?skipTo=1045 580 476]
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