‘The Voice’: A Bromance Brews Between Adam & Cee-Lo

'Voice' Coaches Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine (Photo: NBC)

'Voice' Coaches Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine (Photo: NBC)

The Voice” might be a singing competition, but behind the scenes, there’s a lot of action between the coaches – from Christina Aguilera dueting with not one, but two, of her fellow mentors to Adam Levine and Cee-Lo Green’s gift-giving to each other, to how the season is shaping up to be The Boys vs. The Girl.

“We’re friends and we’re not in competition with each other at all,” Adam told reporters after “The Voice” taping Tuesday night. “Exactly,” interjected Cee-Lo. “There’s competition, there’s camaraderie, and there’s also co-existence. Triple Cs.”

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Adam and Cee-Lo, who sit next to each other at the judges’ table and talk more amongst themselves during tapings than the other judges, are such bros that they’ve gifted each other with some pretty nice duds lately.

“Me and Cee-Lo have been exchanging gifts,” explained Adam. “We both had birthdays since we started the show. Cee-Lo got me this really badass leather jacket so when I gave him his, I had to go really big and get something amazing. I got him some cool sunglasses that he just got today, some vintage Cassels.”

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When it comes to the lone girl in the group, Miss Aguilera, the vibe is entertainingly different. When asked if he has fun teasing her, Adam replied, “No, of course not, we are gentlemen, upstanding gentleman. We screw around. We give her a little sh*t, but she dishes it back. It’s all copasetic.”

Christina, however, seems to take the boy-girl rivalry a bit more seriously. “She definitely took some swings last week,” said Adam. “But she’s just being silly and funny and whatever. We’re not competing with each other. It’s our teams competing. I don’t care about any of that nonsense. I care about our team succeeding.”

Light-hearted ribbing aside, Christina must like the boys as she recorded duets with both Adam (“Moves Like Jagger”) and Cee-Lo (“Nasty,” which was recorded years ago for her film “Burlesque” but never was released until it leaked on the Internet recently).

“I love the record,” Cee-Lo said of the Adam/Xtina collaboration. On how the two songs compare, Adam joked, “It doesn’t compare. They’re different. Music is art. Two different beautiful songs. Can’t they coexist in the world together? Can’t they be friends?”

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