Watch: Matt Lauer Rides Jim Carrey on ‘Today’

by | June 16, 2011 at 12:16 PM | The Today Show

Matt Lauer and Jim Carrey (NBC)

Matt Lauer and Jim Carrey (NBC)

Horseplay was afoot on “Today” Thursday morning. “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” star Jim Carrey stopped by studio 1A to quite literally play horse, as Matt Lauer “saddled up” and rode his back. Why? Just because.

But that’s not the only goof his hilarious “Today” appearance provided. Later, Carrey embarrassed Natalie Morales by crashing her “What’s Trending?” news segment. As she was reporting on rioting Canucks fans in Vancouver, Carrey could be heard in the background saying: “Low self esteem and Molson export – do not mix!”

Finally it was Ann Curry’s turn to laugh as Carrey weighed in on the Weinergate scandal. His astute observation? “Everybody’s talking about the texting and the sexting and whatever’s going on – but no one’s noticing how odd it is that he has the body of a beefcake, like, workout dude, and the head of a fly.”