‘Celebrity Rehab’ Preview: Michael Lohan Put Gun to His Head

Michael Lohan (Photo: Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Michael Lohan (Photo: Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Michael Lohan says he tried to commit suicide after first splitting from wife Dina in the mid 1980s.

Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father — one of seven participants on the upcoming season of “Celebrity Rehab” — was facing up to 15 years behind bars for insider trading at the time, he tells Dr. Drew on this Sunday’s Season 5 premiere.

“I lost it,” he says.  “Went on a (drinking) binge for like, eight to ten months.  Everything started falling apart.  I was kind of on the run from the Feds, and Dina and I separated.

“I finally sat in my room and put a gun to my head.  A 44 magnum.  I pulled the trigger.  It didn’t go off.  I put it down on the table and boom, it went off.  It went through a picture, through the garage, through the car window and into a tree.”

Lohan, 51, checked in to the Pasadena Recovery Center to get an upper hand on his battle with both alcohol and cocaine.

“How sick is it that I still have my coke dealers number in my phone,” he says.  “I haven’t done coke in six years, but drinking always led to coke.”

Lohan, noting that his father was also an alcoholic, used his appearance on the show to express regret about his daughter’s struggles with substance abuse:  “I am sorry for what I did to her,” he says.  “I feel like I am responsible for her.”

Also appearing this season in “Celebrity Rehab”:

AMY FISHER (“The Long Island Lolita”)
Since completing a six-year stint in prison for shooting boyfriend Joey Buttafucco’s wife in the face, 38-year-old Fisher has gotten married, had three children, and become a porn star. “When I don’t drink, I can’t do it, so I have to get a little bit inebriated, then forget it,” she says.  “I am a fun girl after that.  I have a very low tolerance and I don’t remember things.  I am really somebody who should not drink at all.”

BAI LING (Actress, “Red Corner”, “The Crow”)
“When I drink, I jump on tables.  It give me courage,” the Chinese-born actress says.  But there’s one problem: She is allergic to alcohol.  “I feel dangerous and scared. I need help,” she says.

SEAN YOUNG (Actress, “Blade Runner”, “No Way Out”)
Young has become best known in recent years for her erratic behavior.  In 2008, she entered rehab after being tossed out of the DGA awards in Los Angeles for heckling director Julian Schnabel during his acceptance speech.  She is again seeking help for alcohol addiction.

JEREMY JACKSON (Actor, “Baywatch”)
Clean and sober since confronting his addiction to crystal meth in 2000, Jackson, 30, is now abusing performance-enhancing drugs.  “I have spent at least $200,000 in the last two years on steroids, pills and injections,” he says.  “I might be paranoid, but I feel like my liver and kidneys are hurting.”

STEVEN ADLER (Musician, Guns N’ Roses)
Adler first appeared on “Celebrity Rehab” during Season 2 in 2008.  He later participated in the spin-off show “Sober House” but was arrested after leaving bruises on house manager Jennifer Gimenez.  “I am fearful, I had a lot of welts on me.  Steven Adler is by far the most physically and verbally abusive man I have ever met in my life.  I think Steven Adler, when he is on drugs, is a monster.”

DWIGHT GOODEN (Former Athlete)
Once a baseball star with the New York Mets, Gooden tested positive for cocaine during spring training in 1987.  He has since been arrested for D.U.I. and misdemeanor battery charges.  “Cocaine, alcohol and Ambien,” are his drugs of choice today, he says.

JESSICA “SUGAR” KIPER (Reality Star, “Survivor: Gabon”)
Kiper, who also had bit role on “Gilmore Girls” and was once engaged to actor Tony Denman, says she has not spent one day sober in two years and consumes an eighth of marijuana every two days.

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