‘True Blood’: Carrie Preston Promises Funny, Evil (?) Baby Moments

Carrie Preston of 'True Blood' (Photo: HBO)

Carrie Preston of 'True Blood' (Photo: HBO)

Among the big questions for Season 4 of “True Blood,” which premieres Sunday, June 26 on HBO (immediately after you can watch the second episode on xfinityTV.com and on your iPad or iPhone with the Xfinity TV app one week before it airs on TV), are: Who is Sookie Stackhouse hooking up with? What are the witches up to? Is the fairy world all that it’s cracked up to be? And, of course, is Arlene’s baby evil?

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We can take a bite out of the last question as Carrie Preston, who plays the show’s comic-relief character in fiery redhead Arlene, chatted with xfinityTV recently to talk about the baby, Arlene and Terry’s surprise, and just why she hasn’t done a steamy sex scene yet.

Does the mystery of the whether or not the baby (whose biological father is serial killer Rene) is evil get answered sooner than later?
Preston: Well, you know, Arlene is still struggling with the same fears she had about the baby last season, only they’ve gotten even bigger.

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She seems downright petrified and paranoid. Is that still the case?
Preston: Yeah, she comes from a pretty black and white way of thinking and in her mind, if the father of the child is an evil serial killer it doesn’t bode well for the child – the sins of the father. It was the last thing she expected … just when she thought life was looking good with Terry, who’s totally devoted to her, after Rene, and there it is. Now she has what she thinks is an insurmountable challenge. So we do pick up where we left off with that same trepidation.

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Does this go on all season or do we get some answers quickly?
Preston: You’ll be satisfied early on and then new questions will arise. So many questions are answered in the first episode, so I can’t wait for fans to see it. It’s hard not to be able to talk about it.

What else is happening with Arlene and Terry?
Preston: It’s really exciting because Arlene and Terry are coming face to face with something we’ve never even seen on the show. There’s something new that comes in.

Something, supernatural?
Preston: I can’t say anything. But we haven’t seen it before.

Is it good or bad?
Preston: I can’t say!

With Arlene’s trepidation over the baby, is it hard for her to be a good mother?
Preston: She’s a very protective mother. She might be a little more narrow-minded, but she has never indicated that she doesn’t care about her kids. She puts them first, and I don’t think that fundamental instinct is ever going to go away with her.

I anticipate some funny moments with the baby.
Preston: It is a fun storyline. There will be a lot of funny moments and those will come pretty quickly. Arlene is responsible for serving up the comedy on the show and that doesn’t go away. But what has been exciting for me is the writers continue to give her more dramatic and deeper things to deal with as the series has gone on and that is true for Season 4 as well. I love doing comedy, but it’s nice to balance it out with something a little more real.

We haven’t seen Arlene in any steamy sex scenes yet. Do you want to do that?
Preston: No. No. It’s not like that. Honestly, I think they just don’t give the sex scenes to the funny people.

Do you want them to write one for you?
Preston: You know, it’s okay for me. I’m not uncomfortable with that. I’m sure I would be fine with it. But I’m okay with the way they portray my relationship with Terry. There’s an innocence about it.

Looks like Arlene and Terry are still going strong.
Preston: It’s so nice the way they had Terry respond when Arlene told him she’s pregnant. He was immediately, ‘I will raise that child as my own.’ That is something that neither one of them wants to jeopardize. So that was a very good sign that things are going to continue to be strong between the two of them.

After having gone to a witch to try to abort her baby last season, does Arlene have more involvement with the witches?
Preston: This is definitely the season of the witches. They are around and powerful.

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