‘Rookie Blue’s Missy Peregrym Previews New Season

Rookie Blue” was last summer’s surprise hit. The story of a group of newly minted police officers learning the ins and outs of the job was like “Grey’s Anatomy” with perps instead of patients. The unusually sensitive cop show — it’s from Canada, where fictional police officers seem to care as much about civil rights as catching the crooks — was an interesting contrast to the typical gritty police procedure. Now Andy, Dov and the rest of the precinct are back. No longer total newbies, they’re taking on more challenging cases while continuing to flirt and bicker. Missy Peregrym, who plays the headstrong Andy, previews the show’s second season, starting Thursday, June 23, on ABC.

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Andy gets shot in the premiere — but there’s a twist.

I think it’s a great introduction to season two. We’re on the front lines. We have more responsibilities. We’re going to learn that a little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing. This season is going to be more dramatic in terms of their personal lives and relationships and also in terms of work.

What cases does the team investigate this season?

We go undercover a lot, a waitresses or as car dealer employees. We have cases where we find severed heads in a duffel bag. For Andy a lot of the stuff is really personal given her relationship with work. We have a new character, Luke’s ex-girlfriend who works at Division which complicates things for Andy.

How does playing scenes where you’re undercover different from scenes where you’re a uniform cop?

It’s really fun to play a character within a character. It’s hard sometimes because sometimes I want to be really stupid about it and we joke around a lot on set so we have to pull it back. It’ a nice change because we’re not supposed to be authoritative. We’re supposed to be nice and get things done.We try to get people with tickets and warrants into a car dealership by telling them they won a car. They come in and we can tag them.

Does the shooting in the premiere have a longterm impact on Andy?

She has this attitude this year where she’s a little bit frustrated. She works so hard. You can do all the right thing and still have everything go wrong. Andy doesn’t care that she got shot. She cares that an innocent girl got killed because of pure stupidity.

Sam still has a crush on Andy. Will she give him a chance this season?

We definitely start with her being confident and secure in her relationship with Luke. She moves in with him. She’s really happy. Then things get more complicated with the ex-girlfriend. Of course there’s going to be the same sort of chemistry between Sam (Ben Bass) and Andy because they work together. That can’t be ignored.  I don’t want to give too much away, but it gets complicated.

What will Dov’s arc be this season?

You start to understand why Dov (Gregory Smith) cares so much about his job. The fact that his brother died is a huge motivating factor for him to make a difference and to prevent that from happening to other people. He gets a girlfriend this year. We’re all developing and growing together as we try to figure out our jobs. That’s a general thing for all of us.

“Rookie Blue” was a surprise hit in its first season. Was there pressure to up the ante this season?

Obviously, there’s pressure anyway. I don’t think we’re off the hook at all. We work really hard for those six months. We do the best that we can to create great television which includes everybody — actors, producers, writers coming together as a team. After that, it’s fate whether  people watch it. People might tune in or they might not. There’s no real formula for that.  So now we’re just anxiously waiting. I hope we provided great television, though.

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