‘SYTYCD’: Which Four Dancers Went Home?

It’s kind of like eating that second piece of cake. You enjoy it in the moment but dread it later. Such was the case on “So You Think You Can Dance“. Last week executive producer-judge Nigel Lytghoe decided not to send anyone home because it meant that tonight four dancers in the top 20 would be sent packing. Quelle drama. Big ratings. Right?

Let’s review. Last week’s bottom seven were Jordan & Tadd, Miranda & Robert, Clarice & Jess, and Mitchell (because he couldn’t dance due to an injury). So, did any of them land on the bottom this week too? Or did a new crop of dancers reach their low this week?

***Spoiler Alert***

Well, surprise! None of last week’s bottom seven were in this week’s bottom. “That’s what another week of choreography can do,” judge Mary Murphy explained after the show. As a result, she noted, the audience’s voting changed drastically.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance/1214/1990358677/Top-20-Photo-Shoot/embed 580 476]

This week’s bottom six were: Wadi & Missy, Yvetta & Nick, and a surprising Ryan and Ricky.

After six solos that didn’t exactly rock our worlds, the hammer came down on the lone ballroom dancer Yvetta and her tap-dancing partner Nick and hip-hopper Wadi (whose Cha Cha Cha blew it for the pair this week) and jazz cutie Missy.

“It was hard you know because all of the girls we felt are really good,” Murphy told us. “[What we did was] really look at the solos. We already knew most of the time a ballroom dancer can’t pull off a fabulous solo because what they do best is they dance with a partner. Let’s face it. That’s where the contemporary dancers have the edge.”

And, Yveta – the sole ballroom dancer and a favorite of Queen of Ballroom Mary’s – didn’t quite deliver on that solo tonight. “Her solo isn’t very good, to be honest with you. Actually, none of the girls were brilliant in the solos. Ryan, I do feel like she had the strongest solo out there.”

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