‘The Voice’: And Then There Were Four…

Night two of the semi-finals on “The Voice” was a mash-up of tears, an impromptu poetry reading, a few cop-outs by the coaches, and even a little run-in with Christina Aguilera on a golf cart. We’ll get to that one last.

Before the show even started, we knew it would be a weird one. The audience warm up guy, Bill, might have inadvertently sent PETA on Blake Shelton‘s ass when he introduced the country star by saying, “He shoots squirrels!” It’s okay, the fans still love Blake. A young girl in the audience flashed him the heart sign; Blake hearted her back.

When Bill asked the crowd which team would win, the loudest response went to Team Blake – Dia Frampton and Xenia. We’ll see if they’re right next week. Blake took the mike and hyped the crowd with a few lines from the theme to “The Love Boat” before seguing into a few words of “Lady Marmalade.” Blake was a live one tonight.

Watch Wednesday’s semi-final results
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Bill said no-can-do to a fan who wanted Christina Aguilera to sign her arm so she could get turn it into a tattoo. Then Christina shocked everyone by getting up and signing the girl’s arm.

Cee-Lo – when not flirting with the ladies in the audience, including one who asked him to do shots with her later, was furiously writing words on a piece of paper. We later learned that out it was a poem he read to his team.

And that was all before the show began.

Then the time came to get down to the business of sending four people home, moving four onto the finales, and getting a group performance of the top 8 to George Michael’s “Freedom” and a Cee-Lo Green performance of “Bright Lights, Bigger City.

Here’s how it all played out:

Team Cee-Lo: After reading his sentimental poem to his team, Cee-Lo decided to be just shy of a cop-out score when he gave Nakia a 59 and Vicci Martinez a 49. Vicci ended up with 124 points total with America’s votes, sending her to the finals and Nakia home. One great shout out for gay rights: “The Voice” was proud of its gay artists, giving a shout-out to Nakia’s boyfriend in the audience. That would never happen on “American Idol.” Kudos.

Team Adam: In a move so unlike the three other coaches that in retrospect it’s quite shocking, Adam ended up splitting his 100 points between Casey Weston and Javier Colon that sealed one’s fate. He gave Casey a mere 35 and Javier 65. Combined with the voting audience’s votes, Javier ended up with 138 points total, sending Casey home and Javier to the finals. Good choice, Adam.

Watch Tuesday’s semi-final singoff
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Team Blake: Oh boy, these two are little kittens purring and curling together in a cat bed. I’m talking about the sweetie pie singers Dia Frampton, the frontrunner, and Xenia, the too-shy-for-TV 16-year-old. Dia started crying from the moment she took the stage and didn’t stop. In the end, Blake copped out big time by giving them each 50 points, when Dia is clearly the frontrunner. Luckily, America stepped in and their votes gave her a 104 total, sending her to the finals and Xenia back to high school.

Team Christina: Now this was a tough one. Frenchie Davis and Beverly McClellan are both powerhouse singers who deserve to be in the finale. I would’ve chosen Frenchie. Xtina chose neither, giving them each 50 points. Not so much a cop out as Blake because truly Frenchie and Beverly are that close in this race. America chose, and shockingly, Frenchie goes and Beverly stays. The two BFFS held hands throughout the whole thing.

Okay, as for our little Christina Aguilera moment. Well, as the lovely NBC rep walked the press out of the studio, we found ourselves alongside Christina’s golf cart. I was the only journalist who didn’t notice her next to me as I said, “It should’ve been Frenchie in the finals! They’re both great, but I thought it would be Frenchie.” As if answering me indirectly Christina said to her pals in her cart, “Beverly is number one. I don’t see…” Her cart then sped off without us hearing the rest of that sentence.

So, to recap, heading to the finals next week are:

Team Christina: Beverly McClellan- The bald-headed lady with the powerful voice. Best song to date: Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m the Only One”
Team Blake: Dia Frampton – The sweet singer who puts a unique spin on everything she does. Best song to date: Kanye West’s “Heartless”
Team Cee-Lo: Vicci Martinez – The shortie with who attacks the stage like a warrior. Best song to date: Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”
Team Adam: Javier Colon, The guy in the hat who had everyone at “Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Best song to date: Coldplay’s “Fix You”

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