‘Bachelorette’ Castoff Admits ‘Cheap Shot’ at Fellow Contestant

"Bachelorette" contestant William Holman (Photo: ABC)

"Bachelorette" contestant William Holman (Photo: ABC)

Do you smell that? Oh, it’s just “Bachelorette” Ashley Hebert still burning to a crisp post-William Holman’s roast faux pas.

Although the 29-year cell phone salesman hit the ground running when he romanced Ash on their wedding-themed Vegas date, he crashed and burned shortly thereafter—first at the infamous roast, next when he tattle-taled on Ben Castoriano (a.k.a. Ben C.), and finally when he giggled about his “Peter Pan” complex on their final two-on-one date. Needless to say, the Leading Lady couldn’t find any redemptive sparks between the two of them and sent the “30-year-old boy” packing.

Will talked to reporters on Thursday about his regrets, how he feels about Ben C., and if he still wants to be a funny guy for a living.

When you roasted Ashley, did you think she was the type of gal who could handle it?
Earlier that day, I thought she was very secure in herself. I didn’t watch the past season to know that she really had any of those insecurities, and for myself, I’d never been up onstage before. It has been a dream of mine, but unfortunately, I got up there and I was just scared ridiculous thinking about having to be up onstage. I took it the wrong way.

Why I thought that it was appropriate, I don’t know. I thought, “roast,” and I wasn’t even thinking about the outcome. It was just a little bit of immaturity in me still left. It was a bad idea.

I figured if all the guys were going to roast each other, why not roast her, and maybe I was thinking that I was trying to win over the guys’ approval and be friends with the guys because I spent too much time with them. It was definitely a bad move.

When you told Ashley you’re a “30-year-old boy” on your two-on-one date, did you expect her to find that attractive?
I don’t know. I just wanted her to know that I want to live life and still have fun throughout life. The way I said it probably didn’t come across the best way, but I want to stay true to myself, and I don’t want to try to be somebody else to make somebody happy. I wanted to be me, and if she didn’t like me for being me, then unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

Did you think you were going to get a rose at the end of the date?
Being completely honest, I didn’t feel that I would get a rose at the end of the two-on-one date. It was just one of those things where I was hoping to see her again…we would see if we could rekindle those feelings that we had in Las Vegas, but the two-on-one date definitely didn’t go as expected. If I could do it over again, I would—even knowing that I would be sent home.

What exactly did Ben C. say about visiting online dating sites? Do you think he was kidding or really being serious?
He was talking about specific online dating sites, and I don’t want to reveal those dating sites that he had discussed, but they were dating sites that he’s used before and his words were, ‘After the show is over,’ he was ‘going to be able to clean up.’ To me, it didn’t sit well with me, so I felt that she needed to know.

If you had the chance to talk to Ben C., what would you say?
I would definitely let him know that I owe him a lot for how it came out. It didn’t look the best, and it comes down to the wire there. You don’t get to be out and about in the world and get outside of the house that much. It’s one of those things where I guess I just was getting some frustration from being stuck in the house.

I really like Ben C., and I think my frustration with just really wanting to get out again and having a date with her took over. I like the guy a lot, and he didn’t deserve that, and it was a cheap shot.

When we spoke to the Mask Man (Jeff Medolla), he said there were only maybe three or four dudes who were into Ashley. Do you agree with that? If so, who do you think those guys are?
I wouldn’t necessarily agree with “The Mask” on that one, but I would say that there were guys who definitely had stronger feelings for Ashley than others, and Ben F., J.P., myself, and I even thought Bentley in the beginning. I didn’t realize what was going to come out in the show, but Constantine in the beginning didn’t seem like he had strong feelings for her, but then he really grew [feelings for] her.

What do you think of Ames? Do you think Ashley kept him around because she really had feelings for him, or do you think she was feeling guilty because he got a concussion (and the fact he had to wear those hot pink shorts)?
[Laughing] I was worried for Ames when he got the concussion. He’s a great guy. Ames is like no other. He’s by far the most interesting person I’ve ever met in my life.

I wish we just had a separate show for Ames so everybody could see really what a stand-up guy he is, but as far as Ashley’s thought and what they had or anything—when Ames would come back, he would act like he never got the chance to talk to her and nothing really happened.

But I saw his date, and they get along great. There’s something about the guy that draws you right in right away and you want to know more. So yes, he got the concussion, but I don’t think she kept him for sympathy or anything like that.

Any thoughts on Bentley?
Nobody had anything bad to say about Bentley. Whenever I talked to Bentley, we would always talk about his daughter and that’s all that was discussed. He never opened up and said the things that we heard on TV.

Despite the craptastrophe at the roast, are you still thinking of being a stand-up comic?
You know, yeah. I did the roast, and it was my very first time onstage, and it definitely wasn’t the finest moment that I’ve had. But it’s funny because I’ve had a lot of comics reach out to me and tell me that I have raw talent and they would like to see with training and some practice what I can do.

So, it’s something that I definitely still want to do whether it’s stand-up or some sketch comedy, but I love comedy. It’s something that is a passion of mine—to just make people laugh everyday. I definitely will continue to do something along that route.

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