‘True Blood’ Will Become the Witching Hour

"True Blood." (HBO)It’s the year of the witch on “True Blood.”  The show’s much anticipated fourth season starts Sunday night. Witches will supplant vampires as the series’ chief villains. This should come as no surprise to attentive viewers. In season three, the show introduced Holly (Lauren Bowles), a Wiccan waitress with the ability to cast powerful spells. Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) boyfriend Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) turned out to be a bruja, a Latin American witch. There are rumors that Lafayette himself may be a witch as well.

Watch the first 8 minutes of the season four premiere here.

Season four will bring a full coven to Bon Temps. The main witch (Head Witch In Charge?) will be Marnie (Fiona Shaw). At the show’s premiere, she revealed, “The witches take over. We have a little witches shop. We have meetings. We’re very harmless until we’re not.”  According to Shaw, Marnie’s powers come from a dark, mysterious source. “I don’t use a Bon Temps witch to get my power. I plug into quite a different source and that seems to give me lot of power.”

Remember: The second episode will be available here immediately after the June 26 season four premiere.

There are different varieties of witches in the “True Blood” universe. Marnie is a necromancer. Shaw explains, “Not many witches can bring thing back to life.” Marnie’s powers of resurrection put her an odds with the Bon Temps vampires. “Vampires don’t want anyone to raise the dead. They like being dead.”Holly is affiliated with Marnie. Says Shaw, “She’s one of my witches.” Add Bowles, “The witches give the vamps a run for their money.”

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The witches will impact nearly every character on the canvas. One will take away Eric’s (Alex Skarsgard) memory. After a sojourn in New Orleans where she will befriend a cage fighter named Naomi, Tara (Rutina Wesley) will return to Bon Temps and become involved with the Wiccans. Wesley explains, “She’s going to be highly involved in it because she has no choice. Tara’s a survivor. I think she’s going to get thrown into stuff. But it’s awesome.”

As for Lafayette, according to Ellis, “He gets hijacked. That’s all I can tell you… Witches are after everybody.” He sums up this witchy season of “True Blood” as a “Hell raising brawl.”  Hmmm… is “hell raising” a spoiler? Or just a metaphor? Tune in Sunday night to find out.

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