Eliminated ‘Glee Project’ Contestant Breaks Down

by | June 28, 2011 at 11:10 AM | Glee, TV News

Emily Vasquez of 'The Glee Project' (Photo: Oxygen)

Emily Vasquez of 'The Glee Project' (Photo: Oxygen)

Getting eliminated from “The Glee Project” was tough for Emily Vasquez, but watching her last episode with her family was even rougher.

Emily got the boot after the contenders performed a number based on the theme of vulnerability. In preparation for their video shoot, each contestant revealed one of their own qualities or behaviors that they felt self-conscious about. Emily’s admission that she felt she’d been used sexually by music producers in the past was one of the more jaw-dropping secrets that came out of the exercise.

The stress of opening up about her experiences on television was intensified by the fact that her parents would be part of the viewing audience. “I had a breakdown because I was with my family,” Emily told Entertainment Weekly.

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Though her mom cried and her dad became upset, Emily’s parents remained supportive of their daughter. “To them, it’s like, ‘How can you put yourself out there and you gave a great performance?’” she said. Her parents felt that Emily’s elimination was unfair after she successfully displayed such vulnerability.

Emily added that the video shoot was more intense for her than she let on, because she uses humor to deflect from her true feelings. “C’mon, wearing a sign like that and knowing that my family is going to see was really hard for me,” she said. “I was just trying to protect myself because I didn’t want to have a complete emotional breakdown.”

When she watched the episode with her family, Emily questioned whether she’d done the right thing by airing her laundry so publically, but in the end she thinks her revelation will positively affect others.

“I had to,” she said. “I think it was a good message for young girls especially because there are a lot of sharks out there.”

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