Curtain Falling on ‘Entourage’ as Iconic Series Ends Filming

“That’s a wrap!”

And that’s how “Entourage” star Adrien Grenier marked the end of the final day of filming his week on the storied HBO series – using the three-word sentence in a Tweet.

It’s been a week of heartfelt Tweets sent out by the “Entourage” cast members, mainly to each other, but since Twitter is a public space, we get to share in their emotions as the series prepares to air its eighth and final season (starting July 24 on HBO).

“Last shooting day . . . It has been the time of my life,” tweeted Jerry Ferrara, known now and forever as the inimitable “Turtle.” He even tweeted a photo of himself and pal Adrien from their last day on the set.

“It has been our lives!” Grenier tweeted back. “We grew up on this show.”

Indeed, this series about a young movie superstar (Grenier) and his three pals from Queens, N.Y. (Ferrara, Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon), and Grenier’s high-octane agent, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), has attained icon status, thanks to its perceptive (and by all accounts, accurately drawn) depiction of the ways and wiles of contemporary Hollywood. In fact, at times it was hard to tell fact from fiction as A-list guest stars lined up to play themselves on this glamorous series that, as much as anything else, was a showcase for luxe, wealthy La La Land.

And in a storyline that could have been featured on the show, all of the show’s young-ish cast members became major stars as a result of the Mark Wahlberg-produced series.

“See you July 24th!” Grenier tweeted.

We plan on doing just that.

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