Kathy Hilton Defends Paris, Still Upset About Sister’s Portrayal On ‘RHOBH’

Kathy Hilton is tweeting. Between interviews with Entertainment Tonight and various newspapers, she is in the back of a car heading toward West Los Angeles, tweeting her whereabouts and activities relating to her daughter Paris Hilton’s reality series, “The World According to Paris.” “Do you mind if I tweet that we’re talking?” she asks. Not at all. In the land of reality TV, everything is open for public consumption, and certainly that’s true when it comes to the Hiltons, whose latest reality TV show on Oxygen zeroes in on Paris, but includes supporting roles from Kathy and their pal, Brooke Mueller, she being noteworthy as Charlie Sheen’s ex. Episode two, for instance, had Paris setting up Brook on her first date since splitting from Sheen. Get it?

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So Kathy, first off, why should people watch this show? What’s your pitch? Paris has always played a character. In this show, the curtain goes back and you get to be inside the house with us. This is real. They were rolling those cameras for five months. I think you get to know her better. Her friends. Her family. You get to know that things aren’t always perfect.

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Speaking of not being perfect, Paris recently broke up with her boyfriend, Cy Waits, who’s in the show, right? I guess they did break up.

Why? What happened? I think the show took a tool. I think the stress of working together every day…he’s not used to it. But everybody was warned, Brooke included. I said, “Listen, you’re exposing yourself on this show. Are you sure you’re willing to do that?”

You liked Cy, right? I am very upset. I feel bad. I adore him. Whenever someone asks me about Paris’s date, I am always politically correct and polite. But this one I really cared about. He’s close to our family. We traveled together. He’d get up at 6:30 and play golf with my husband.

Did you think Paris was going to marry him? I never get into discussions with the girls about that.

Do you think Paris will ever get married? Is she the marrying type? She definitely is. I know she’d love to but I think she wants to make sure she finishes things in her business. She’s a workaholic. She has a lot of projects. I don’t think she’s ready right now.

In this latest episode airing Wednesday, she fears she’s pregnant. We know the result of the tests she takes, obviously. But what if she were to get pregnant without being married? How would you feel? I’m a traditional girl. I don’t want to tell people what to do, but for my girls, I would prefer they get married before having a child.

Let’s talk about you. Your sisters are on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Were you asked to do it? We were already in production with this show. Two of my sisters were on it.

Would you have done a show like that? No.

Why? I think two is enough.

How accurate do you think your sisters were portrayed? I think the way Kim was treated by some of the girls was very upsetting. And I was upset by it. Very upset. When they were all going up against her at the birthday party, I thought it was really mean. It made me sick.

Why did you agree to be on Paris’ new show? I was very flattered when Paris asked me, and since my boys are in school and busy I thought, well, why not? I asked Rick [her husband]. He was a little hesitant. He knew it meant opening our house. But he said fine, and it ended up being fine. Nobody broke anything or ruined any carpets or floors.

What’s the secret to your long marriage to your husband? A lot of mutual respect. We grew up together. We started out in a little tiny apartment, and we have earned everything, even though my husband comes from a very wealthy family. We know the reality of life. The door can be shut on you. They can open it for you, but then it can be shut on you too, so you almost have to sometimes work double to really earn the respect because people think it’s easy and handed to you. We never take each other for granted.

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