‘The Late Show’: Tom Hanks Scares Babies

Tom Hanks on 'The Late Show' (Photo: CBS)

Tom Hanks on 'The Late Show' (Photo: CBS)

Tom Hanks is one of the biggest and most popular stars in the world, but he’s still working on winning over one tiny fan.

Hanks went on “The Late Show” Tuesday and told David Letterman that he doesn’t get to spend enough time with his “magnificent” five-month-old granddaughter, Olivia, and, as a result, he kind of freaks her out a little.

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“I’m the big guy, I’m not her dad (Colin Hanks) or mom (Samantha Bryant), and I yell, ‘Who’s that little girl? Who’s that little girl? I know you, you’re so cute, who’s that little girl?’…I’m just this weird, ogre-like guy,” Hanks said.

Hanks said he eventually earned a giggle, but then after three weeks away working, he had to start all over again. “I didn’t know a baby could (make) these kinds of faces, and in her baby language she was saying, ‘Stay away from me.’”

Hanks also addressed a recent clip of him on Spanish-language television dancing during the weather segment.
“It’s one of the great experiences, you’ve got to go on Univision,” said Hanks, who seemed to genuinely enjoy boogieing with the sexy weather lady.

“You give it up to the experience. Quite frankly, there’s a party going on down there,” he said.

“You get to do stuff that they don’t let you do on, say, the ‘Today’ show.”

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