MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ Spawns UK Spinoff ‘Teen Dad’

(Photo: MTV)

(Photo: MTV)

After hitting the mother lode with surprise hit “Teen Mom,” MTV is growing the family. Just as the network jumped shores by doing a British version of “Jersey Shore” called “Geordie Shore,” MTV is spinning off the teen mama drama series.

The network is launching “Teen Dad,” a new series in the UK that will follow six young men as they become first-time fathers.

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MTV has confirmed the spinoff, according to Digital Spy.

A casting notice that appeared on the MTV UK web site sought out teen dads by asking such questions as, ” Are you more interested in football than changing nappies? Does your girlfriend wish you’d stay at home with the baby rather than go out? Do your parents want you to face up to your responsibilities?”

Among the baby daddies featured: 18-year-old Reece from Liverpool; Kevin, who became a father at 16; and Jon, who’d only been dating his girlfriend a month before she got pregnant.

“Teen Dad” premieres July 27 on MTV UK.

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The series will premiere July 29 on MTV UK.

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