A Fond Farewell to ‘General Hospital’s Tyler Christopher

Tyler Christopher (ABC)

Tyler Christopher (ABC)

The Short Good-Bye

I am so pleased to see a beloved character depart “General Hospital” via airplane instead of in a body bag. Though his exit storyline was incredibly rushed, Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) managed to leave town with both his limbs and his integrity intact. After months of dilly dallying – which was understandable given that her son Jake had just died – Elizabeth (Becky Herbst) finally told Lucky that he, not Nikolas was Aidan’s father. Instantly, Lucky transformed from jerk who burned down his family’s house and was on the verge of falling off the wagon back to the nice guy we have come to know and love over the years. He was thrilled to finally have a biological child. It was so easy! (Seriously, this has been the dullest paternity storyline ever.) Nikolas was less accepting, accusing Liz of lying to make Lucky feel better. It looked like the stage was set for another character assassination, as Nik prepared to leave the country with Aidan. Instead, after a visit to Emily’s gravesite, Nik regained his sanity, accepted the truth, then decided to leave town to figure out how he became the sort of man who would sleep with his brother’s wife.  On any other soap, I would be complaining that a paternity reveal over a year in the making was wrapped up anti-climactically in a week. But this is GH, the soap that killed off Georgie instead of letting her study abroad. Giving a legacy character a semi-happy ending is amazing.

Christopher, who has seemed disinterested in his material for a while, showed up to work for his final scenes. I loved the ending of his farewell to Lucky.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/General-Hospital/97378/2035758478/Thu%2C-Jun-30%2C-2011/embed?skipTo=1495 580 476]

Lucky: Hey, Nikolas. Um, there’s just one more thing. It’s been bugging me for like the last 15 years and I’ve just never asked you about it. But… you grew up in Russia and Greece. Never lived in America till you came here to help Lulu. How come you never had an accent?

Nikolas: (Russian Accent) Who says I haven’t been using one the whole time? Farewell.

This exit preserves Nik’s relationships with his family and leaves the door open for his return. Christopher has already landed a recurring role as the (improbably young) father of one of the teen characters on the upcoming ABC Family series “The Lying Game.” I hope he finds as much success as all of the other daytime alums appearing on the network. I also hope that GH continues to let characters leave the show upright.

Fourth of July Schedule

This Independence Day, ABC daytime will be airing reruns. Two other soaps are airing special episodes. “The Young & the Restless” is featuring a “Sharon’s greatest moments” clip show, which could be interesting if it explores how Sharon (Sharon Case) went from a teenage girl from the wrong side of the tracks who fell in love with Nick Newman (Josh Morrow) and fought to make the fairytale come true to a desperate woman who, after years of jumping from man to man, has decided to fake her own death and go on the lam. Or it could just be a standard issue clip show.

Days of Our Lives” is showing how hip it is with a fantasy episode that will spoof this year’s Oscar nominated films. That would have been fun if it had aired, say, the week before the Oscars instead of five months later. Does anyone even remember what all the nominated films were now? Maybe they’ll get around to referencing Charlie Sheen leaving “Two and a Half Men” for Thanksgiving. In any case, if you want to see parodies of “Black Swan” and “The King’s Speech” when the rest of the nation will be lining up to see “Transformers 3,” tune in to DOOL on Monday.

The Trials of Brody Lovett

Can’t a nice former Navy Seal catch a break? It was not enough that “One Life to Live’s” Brody (Mark Lawson) discovered that he was not the father of his fiancee’s baby. It was not enough that he learned he was the father of her sister’s baby at their double wedding. It was not enough that, after months of standing by his fiancee while her mental issues caused her to marry to other men, he moved on (to her sister, which was perhaps not the best idea), at the very moment she decided he wanted him back. It was not enough that the first woman he loved just died – after he valiantly promised to continue to be a surrogate parent in her son’s life. No, Brody also had to learn, via the Tape Recorder en Machina, who probably has an AFTRA card by now, that he is not actually Liam’s father, leaving him to break the news to Natalie (Melissa Archer) and John (Michael Easton). What did the most stand-up guy in Llanview do to deserve this? All the man wants is to raise a family. If Jessica’s baby does not turn out to be his via yet another paternity test switcheroo, I demand that the Llanview stork drop a newborn off at his house, along with a woman who will appreciate him, since the OLTL promos are already revealing that John and Natalie are headed for a reunion.  In fact, if no one in Llanview is available, I will nobly volunteer for the job.

Anthony Herrera Passes Away

Anthony Herrera, who played “As the World Turns” most dastardly villain James Stenbeck has passed away. Herrera died June 21st. ATWT fans learned the news from his former co-star Martha Byrne, who tweeted, “RIP Anthony Herrera. So many great memories.” Herrera was 67 years old.  He originated the role in 1980, coming and going numerous times. According to Byrne, Herrera died in Buenos Aires. The actor had been battling cancer since the 1990s, when he was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma. He was the author of the autobiographical book, The Cancer War.

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