Brooke Mueller Officially Finishes Rehab

Brooke Mueller and Paris Hilton on 'The World According to Paris' (Photo: Oxygen)

Brooke Mueller and Paris Hilton on 'The World According to Paris' (Photo: Oxygen)

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Brooke Mueller has successfully finished rehab, is exclusively reporting. Mueller had been enrolled in a 45-day outpatient treatment program, that allowed her to spend the evenings with her twin sons Bob and Max.

“Brooke is just taking it a day at a time,” a source close to the situation says. “She has been down this road before and she knows what she has to do. Brooke needs to continue to play an active role in her sobriety. When she goes to her AA meetings everyday and talks regularly with her sponsor, she does amazing.”

Paris and Kathy Hilton Talk Brooke’s Rehab on “The Talk”:

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Pictures of Brooke in Maui surfaced recently that raised questions about her sobriety, but the source insists that Brooke has dealt with that incident and moved on. “Brooke does still have temptations, she will for the rest of her life,” the source says. “But, that incident was dealt with, and Brooke continues to make progress. There will be setbacks, but it’s going to be how Brooke handles it which will determine whether or not she stays sober.”

Friends of Mueller reveal to that watching episodes of “The World According To Paris” has had a serious impact on Brooke. “Brooke saw what she looked and sounded like when she was under the influence,” the insider reveals. “Brooke entered rehab during filming of the show and she couldn’t believe the difference she was able to see in herself when she wasn’t using drugs.”

Meanwhile, Charlie has the twins every other weekend and Brooke is looking forward to the future and to getting her life firmly back on track. “Brooke wants to get back to work and is exploring offers right now,” the source says.


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