Meet ‘Hung’s New ‘Happiness Consultant’: Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell on Hung (HBO)

Stephen Amell on Hung (HBO)

Is Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) getting a protégé – or some competition?

Former “Vampire Diaries” heartthrob Stephen Amell, 30, will be the new gigolo in town when HBO’s sexy drama “Hung” returns for a third season in September.

“I have played a sadistic werewolf and a jealous lover and a guy accused of horrible, horrible things,” the fresh-faced Toronto native says.  “As a gigolo, I am making people happy.  Technically, I am a happiness consultant.

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“That is the good thing about ‘Hung’ that I have found.  It is about sex.  But it is not just about the sex.  You will have various encounters with women where they are looking for something more.  Sometimes you are not even sleeping with them.”

We caught up with the Chris O’Donnell look-alike in Los Angeles to learn all about his steamy new role.

How do you do the, um, research for a part like this?
The thing about my character is he is brand new.  He was plucked from obscurity by one of the characters on the show.  He is just super-excited and affable.  It doesn’t matter who his clientele is.  He is a full service gigolo.  So I didn’t have to do any research.  I just had to bring enthusiasm.

Was it a tough transition from male werewolf on “Vampire Diaries” to gigolo on “Hung?”
There was a stop over in between to play a guy who is accused of being a serial killer — (Jordan Van Der Sloot in “Justice For Natalie Holloway”) — so that made the transition a little bit easier.  But being a male gigolo… The gigolo aspect of it I never really think about.  I was just happy to play a character that wasn’t a killer.  People were going to start thinking I was a villain.  I was very happy to get something different before I became typecast.  But all I had to do was be happy to be the gigolo.

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Any chance of a “Vampire Diaries” return?
I hear rumors that the theme of the new season is “ghosts.”  That would work well for me.  I think what is great about that show is how much they value the fans.  If fans really like a character – or if the fans loathe a character – there is always a chance you will see that character again.

Are you thinking some of the fans will make their way over to “Hung?”
I hope so.  I got a lot of followers on Twitter from “Vampire Diaries.”  I don’t know if any show has such a Twitter-crazy following.  They are awesome.  I knew I was doing a good job when they were all writing “I hate you.  This is no good.”  My Twitter blew up with that.

Do you find that you get mistaken for Chris O’Donnell a lot?
Yeah.  Never mistaken, but always told I look like him.  I shot an episode of “NCIS:LA” and we had this sort of standoff scene… I like being told I look like Chris O’Donnell.  He played Robin!  He was a superhero.

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