Paris Hilton Pregnancy Scare on ‘World According to Paris’

'The World According to Paris' (Photo: Oxygen)

'The World According to Paris' (Photo: Oxygen)

Can you picture Paris Hilton with a baby? Neither can we. But that was the world we were supposed to imagine in this week’s faux-drama installment of “The World According to Paris,” in which the life-size barbie wondered if she was pregnant.

What facts did she have to base this on? Well, I mean, the Internet said so! You see, Paris was photographed by the paparazzi in a too-tight racing catsuit and overnight, blog rumors that Hilton was preggo were born.

And instead of assuming that her “baby bump” was actually just a tiny tummy pooch from eating too many waffles and pancakes, Paris panicked, “What if they’re right?” No matter that she didn’t know if she was late or not; and, because she’s Paris Hilton, going to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test was out of the question. So she just announced she could be pregnant to everyone she knew first, and let the hard evidence roll in later (Spoiler Alert: the eventual verdict was ‘not pregnant’).

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Even if this viewer had a hard time believing Paris actually thought she was pregnant because she was “hungry a lot,” the reactions to this news by her assistant, her now ex-boyfriend Cy Waits, her mother Kathy and especially pal Brooke Mueller, are hilarious. See for yourself below.

Watch Paris Hilton Reveal She Might Be Pregnant:

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