Tom Hanks Surprises Julia Roberts on ‘Letterman’

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts on "Late Show" (Photo: CBS)

David Letterman surprised guest Julia Roberts Thursday night with an unexpected visit from her pal and movie co-star, Tom Hanks.

Their new movie – “Larry Crowne” – opens Friday, and Hanks has been all over New York promoting it this week, including his own appearance on CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman” just this past Tuesday.

But he was apparently still in town Thursday because he found time to suddenly appear on stage during Julia’s appearance with Dave, just as Dave was asking her to participate in a “Late Show” version of “The Newlywed Game,” in which her knowledge of Tom Hanks would be put to the test.

That was the ostensible reason Hanks showed up – to play along with her. Naturally, the studio audience was shocked and delighted to see Forrest Gump and Pretty Woman appear together in the flesh. And Roberts seemed stunned too (though at such times, you have to remind yourself that she’s an actress, and quite capable of “acting” surprised).

Whether she was truly surprised or not, the segment made for one of the week’s most memorable TV moments.

Watch Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts on “Letterman” right here:

[iframe—Julia-Roberts-%26-Tom-Hanks%3A-Newlyweds-/embed 580 476]

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