Watch: Zach Braff Drinks with KLG and Hoda

Zach Braff (NBC)

Zach Braff (NBC)

Appearing on “Today’s” Fourth Hour Friday, Zach Braff was sorely disappointed to find a sober Kathie Lee and Hoda.  (Kathie Lee has been sick and laying off the hard stuff.) Braff, who was there to promote his new Off-Broadway play, “All New People,” expressed surprise at the lack of booze during their interview. “I thought there was going to be wine here,” he said. “I told my girlfriend I was coming to do the show with you guys and she goes, ‘Oh, that’s the one where they get drunk every morning.'”

“What?!” Hoda shouted.

“Don’t you guys usually drink wine on this show?” Braff asked.

“We have a sip occasionally,” Kathie Lee smiled.

“I was just hoping there’d be a buffet of wine,” Braff responded.

“We wait ’til lunch to do our heavy drinking,” Kathie Lee joked. “Next time we’ll have a nice cocktail for you.”

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Next time came quickly. Moments later, Braff turned up in another segment on Fourth of July cocktails, and he wasn’t shy about sampling the offerings. He started off downing a sangria, then moved on to a coconut ice cream/rum concoction, and finished up with a lemon-vodka spritzer. By the end he joked, “I may need help getting out of here.”

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