Vinnie Might Not Return to ‘Jersey Shore’ After Sudden Exit

Vinnie Guadagnino of "Jersey Shore" (Photo: MTV)

Somebody call a lifeguard – there’s trouble on “Jersey Shore”!

This time, the problem seems to be Vinnie Guadagnino, who reportedly left the summer house in Seaside Heights, N.J., where the MTV reality series is in the midst of filming its fifth season.

The story first surfaced a few days ago when TMZ reported that it had captured Vinnie in the act of storming away from the beach house. The Web site even posted video of his hasty exit (though the video’s a tad fuzzy).

Then the TMZ story declared that Vinnie won’t be back, and has left the show for good! What happened? Details are sketchy, but both TMZ and The Hollywood Reporter are saying Vinnie clashed with another cast member, got fed up, called a cab and went home to Staten Island. The THR story also suggested that Vinnie is tired of filming the show and felt homesick.

MTV wouldn’t reveal Vinnie’s status. “We don’t comment on series while they are in production but viewers can be assured they will have answers when Season 5 premieres,” MTV said in a statement.

Hmm. That got us thinking this incident might just be something that the show has drummed up to generate publicity for the upcoming season. After all, this is the television business and such schemes have been known to happen.

Questions remain though: No. 1 – Can “Jersey Shore” survive without Vinnie G.? And No. 2 – What does Snooki think about all this?

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