Charlie Sheen’s Appropriate New Sitcom: ‘Anger Management’

Charlie Sheen (Photo: Getty Images)

Charlie Sheen (Photo: Getty Images)

New details emerged Wednesday about a new sitcom for Charlie Sheen, though it’s still unclear where such a show would wind up airing.

TMZ is reporting that Sheen will star in a comedy series based on the 2003 comedy movie “Anger Management.”

The story says Hollywood producer Joe Roth, who reportedly owns the “Anger Management” screenplay, is the power behind the project. The story noted that Roth worked years ago (actually, decades ago) with Sheen on a handful of movies, including “Major League,” “Young Guns” and “The Three Musketeers.” Perhaps Roth believes he knows Sheen so well that he would be able to ride herd on the star more effectively than Sheen’s overseers at “Two and a Half Men” were able to do.

For this new “Anger Management” sitcom, Sheen’s being eyed for a role that would be adapted from the one Jack Nicholson played in the movie – an anger-management counselor with his own anger problems. In the movie, he counseled Adam Sandler, who had been ordered into an anger-management program.

And once again, Lionsgate – the production company behind shows such as “Mad Men” – is the company said to be lining up to produce the new Sheen project.

Of course, the potential for comedy derives directly from the prospect of Sheen – who threw so many public tantrums last winter when he left “Two and a Half Men” – playing someone who struggles to control his anger.

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