Watch ‘The Talk’ Panel React Live to the Casey Anthony Verdict

'The Talk' (Photo: CBS)

'The Talk' (Photo: CBS)

While every media news outlet is now offering its reactions and opinions to Tuesday’s shocking conclusion to the Casey Anthony trial, viewers of “The Talk” got the rare opportunity to watch the cast’s immediate reactions to the controversial outcome. The CBS daytime talk show was filming live when the bombshell verdict of “not guilty” was announced Tuesday afternoon from a Florida courtroom.

Co-host Julie Chen made the “executive decision” not to go to commercial break as the verdicts were read, joking that if her husband (Les Moonves, who runs the network) had a problem with it, he could take it up with her at dinner. Things quickly took a serious turn when the “not guiltys” started to roll in, as Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old child Caylee.

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The ladies took the news just as much of America seemed to: with shock, disbelief and a little outrage. Chen started to cry and was so choked up, she couldn’t continue reading the verdicts. A stone-faced Holly Robinson Peete took over delivering the word on the remaining counts. Leah Remini looked like she was ready to brawl with someone, throwing up her hands and threatening to leave. The audience let out audible gasps and noooos.

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