Octomom’s Brood Wreaks Havoc on ‘Today’ Show

Ann Curry rescues an octuplet who fell into the 'Today' show window (Photo: NBC)

Ann Curry rescues an octuplet who fell into the 'Today' show window (Photo: NBC)

Nadya Suleman aka “Octomom” dropped by the “Today” show Friday for a live interview that turned out to be quite lively indeed.

With nine of her children in tow (the octuplets, plus one amazingly calm older child), the brood created mayhem on the set, as poor Ann Curry tried to conduct her interview with the controversial single mother of 14 children.

That’s probably to be expected when you have toddlers in their terrible two’s … times eight!

During the interview, one little boy wandered off and crashed into the “Today” studio window (unharmed), causing a panicked Ann Curry to jump from her seat and run over to rescue him, saying, “No, no, no, no, no, sorry, no, no, that’s not going to happen … there you go, there you go. No problem….” Sure, no problem.

At another point, the chase was on as Curry, Suleman, the older daughter, Matt Lauer’s fill-in David Gregory, and even a camerawoman had to help wrangle the swarm of toddlers on the loose, while Natalie Morales entertained the one child who spent the entire interview seated still in the anchor’s chair (watch your back, Matt Lauer).

“This is not a normal situation,” Suleman apologized to Curry, saying she was too distracted with the interview to keep an eye on all eight, with whom she periodically has to do a headcount to make sure everybody’s accounted for. “They only had two hours of sleep since we were traveling [for the interview],” she added, “but these are incredibly behaved children.”

Exhausted after just 10 minutes of the chaos, Curry still managed to end the interview with: “The kids really are lovely.”

Watch the Hilarious Scene as the Octotots Take Over and Nearly Take Down the “Today” Show:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Today/96422/2047274448/Octuplet-Mom%2C-Brood-Make-Mayhem-In-Studio-1A/embed 580 476]



~ It costs $15,000 a month to support her 14 children. The single mother has no help or nannies and claims she does not receive public assistance. “I would feel like a failure not only as a mother but as human being,” Suleman says.

~ It’s true: Octomom confirmed she has been making appearances as a … boxer.

~ Suleman is working to get her personal trainers license, now has a manager and the octuplets have been in preschool since January while she earns a living.

~ Octomom says she does not have “mother’s guilt”: “I have learned to move past that. I personally can not waste my energy just fixating on my past and my past choices regardless of if they were good or bad choices.”

~ Even though she has been experiencing panic attacks for the last year, but her new found exercise path has helped her “self medicate” with that.

~ Despite the scrutiny, she keeps to herself: “I don’t socialize. I’d rather be home with my little village than anywhere else.”

~ She doesn’t have any regrets: “I don’t regret…I can’t waste my time and energy regretting anything.”

~ Suleman denied claims made in a recent In Touch magazine article, which quoted Octomom as saying, “I hate babies” and “they’re like animals.”

“I’ve never done an interview for them. I never said any of that,” Suleman said adamantly. “None of it, actually. We’re contemplating suing, because it’s slander. I think they should retract it.

“Because I love my children. I would do anything for my kids. I love all children. I would die for my kids.”

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