‘SYTYCD’: Two More Dancers Go Home

Cat Deeley with eliminated contestants Chris Koehl and Ashley Rich (FOX)

Cat Deeley with eliminated contestants Chris Koehl and Ashley Rich (FOX)

For the first time all season, the writing was on the wall, er, dance floor as to who might go home from “So You Think You Can Dance” Thursday night.

The judges have been pouring out the praise and love for everyone, making it one of the nicest seasons yet. And, of course, that’s because the contestants really are that great. But something changed Wednesday night and Nigel Lythgoe and company – well, really just Nigel Lythgoe, let their claws out a bit and gave more harsh critiques than any other performance not.

Now, I’m not saying it wasn’t deserved. It was just noticeable that for the first time all season, the judges didn’t love everyone equally.

Catch Up On Last Week’s Episode:

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Of course, we’re talking about Sasha and Alexander, whose hip-hop routine was dubbed “Hip Hop for Dummies” and “Hip Hop 101” by Nigel. And, then there was Ashley and Chris, whose salsa didn’t quite sizzle. Or was it Jordan and Tadd’s waltz, which didn’t get slammed by the judges, but was arguable the most ho-hum routine of the night, in our humble opinion?

Did these couples, as we predicted, end up in the bottom this elimination night?

Here are the results…

***Spoiler Alert***
The bottom dancers were: Ashley and Chris, Jordan and Tadd, and the shock of the evening Ryan and Ricky. We knew Ashley and Chris blew their salsa big time and that Jordan and Tadd’s waltz was a bit dull. But Ryan and Ricky’s zombie number was a crowd, judges, and critics favorite.

The two departing dancers were: Ashley and Chris

Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer/judge, explained the decision to us post-show: “Loved [Chris] doing the prison routine but after that he’s been a little weak in other areas. The salsa, which really just asks you to bring energy and life, was terrible last night. Not, in my opinion necessarily as bad as the hip-hop [by Sasha and Alexander]. But the hip-hop wasn’t in the bottom three couples.”

Ashley and Chris were visibly bummed when we caught up with them after the show. “I kind of knew we were gonna be in the bottom,” said Ashley, with her trademark big smile on. “We did our best. I’m proud.”

A very subdued Chris agreed. “I’m most definitely proud of me and Ashley and what we accomplished. It’s definitely sad, but to be here is just amazing. I never thought I’d be standing here,” he said.

One place he wasn’t standing, er, dancing, was in the group Bollywood number at the beginning of the show. Chris missed the performance with his fellow top 14 dancers because he was too dehydrated to make the one-day rehearsal for the routine.

“It was from Sonya’s piece the week before. I dehydrated myself. The doctors said I couldn’t dance for a day and therefore I missed a rehearsal. They learned that entire dance in one day and I had to miss that day so that’s why I couldn’t do the Bollywood routine. But it’s okay. My health is good. I’m ready to dance.”

Next Wednesday will be the last time the these couples dance in their pairings because after two more go home on Thursday, it’s down to the top 10. And, as Nigel told us earlier, once the top 10 is formed, All-Stars from past seasons will be chosen and paired with the remaining dancers.

Also up next week, “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson will be at the judges’ table and Nicole Scherzinger is the musical guest.

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