New Situation for ‘Jersey Shore’ Star: Now He’s Being Sued

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (Photo: MTV)

The Situation’s got a situation on his hands!

“The Situation” – better known as Mike Sorrentino, fun-loving star of “Jersey Shore” on MTV – is reportedly being sued for $1 million by a management firm he apparently fired.

The suit was filed Friday by New York-based Gotham NYC Entertainment, according to EOnline. The firm’s suit is saying The Sitch breached the contract he had with them when he dismissed the firm allegedly without the 30-days notice specified in their agreement.

For his part, TMZ reports Sorrentino dumped the firm due to “lack of performance.” But in the lawsuit documents, the firm claims otherwise, TMZ says. The firm doesn’t think it under-performed in its responsibilities at all, but instead transformed the Situation’s “career from relative obscurity to become an international celebrity,” the documents say.

The news of this lawsuit comes hot on the heels of unconfirmed rumors The Situation suddenly left the “Jersey Shore” compound in Seaside Heights, N.J., this week. The story is fueling rumors that he wants out of the show.

All we can say is: If The Situation leaves “Jersey Shore,” we’re leaving too – except, on second thought, then we’d miss Snooki. What on Earth are we going to do?

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