The Prodigal Son: Vinny Returns to ‘Jersey Shore’

by | July 10, 2011 at 1:15 PM | Jersey Shore, TV News

Vinnie Guadagnino: Back on 'Shore.'  (Photo: MTV)

Vinnie Guadagnino: Back on 'Shore.' (Photo: MTV)

Amid Snooki’s ongoing pressures to be smush buddies, seeing Roid Ron break The Situation’s face in Italy, and the exhaustive task of sampling “landmines” and “grenades” as if cruising through the aisles of Costco — who could blame Vinny Guadagnino for having an emotional breakdown and declaring he was done with the “Jersey Shore”?

As we reported earlier, the youngest of the GTLers took off to his home in Staten Island, but it looks like he just needed a week’s worth of his ma’s spaghetti and meatballs in between filming to recharge. According to TMZ, the Vin-meister is baaack (with laundry in tow) and received a proper guido welcome from the rest of the gang: a night of heavy eating and heavy krumping at the club.

With Vinny’s mojo back, perhaps he’ll be able to lure The Sitch—who purportedly left the show just days after him—to return too.

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