Another Contender Dances Out of the Spotlight on ‘The Glee Project’

'The Glee Project' (Photo: Oxygen)

'The Glee Project' (Photo: Oxygen)

The producers of “The Glee Project” claim that the show isn’t strictly a search for the most talented singer and dancer, and this week they held true to their word. The contenders weren’t judged on their ability to sing and dance; oh no, they had to rap and dance. Completely different.

The cast seemed more daunted by this week’s theme of dance ability than any of the other themes so far. Guest mentor Harry Shum, Jr., who Gleeks know as New Directions’ hoofer extraordinaire Mike Chang, attempted to ease the contestants’ minds, reminding them that perfect technique isn’t always a necessity.

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“Sometimes it’s not about being amazing all the time. It’s about showing your personality, and just owning it,” advised Shum. If there’s any message the producers and mentors of “The Glee Project” appear to be hammering home week after week, it’s that personality matters.

It was ultimately no surprise, then, when country girl McKynleigh ended up in the bottom three again. Her powerful vocals and “Cover Girl” looks haven’t been enough to make her resonate in the minds of the producers. After the homework assignment of “Hey Soul Sister,” Shum assessed that McKynleigh had the least memorable moment in the performance.

McKynleigh didn’t provide the only déjà vu moment in the last-chance rounds this week. Matheus landed there again after wigging out a bit at the video shoot. Minor adjustments to the choreography got the best of him, replacing his usual confidence with a sense of angsty paranoia.

Rounding out the bottom three was Alex, which was odd, considering he typically has a standout personality and he’s one of the only contenders with any dance training. In a self-proclaimed “dumb move,” he elected to hold back this week so that other contestants might have a chance to shine.

When it was time to sing for Ryan Murphy and Co., McKynleigh mugged like never before, Alex remained stoic throughout his ballad, and abs-fiend Matheus performed the beginnings of an awkward striptease.

Remember when Murphy told Ellis Wylie that he’d always wanted a jazz singer on “Glee,” and maybe she was just the one … then he cut her? He did exactly that with McKynleigh, saying he’d love to have a country voice on the show. But then that dreaded callback sheet was put up, and there was McKynleigh’s name with no little gold star next to it. Murphy had justifiable reasons for eliminating both girls when he did, but what a way to elevate them to make the fall that much harder.

Next week there’s potential for sparks to fly and egos to clash as the contestants’ pairability is tested with duets. Will you tune in to see which couple dominates?

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