‘Chloe King’ Cast Previews ‘Epic’ Twists and Turns

The Nine Lives of Chloe King stars Benjamin Stone as Alek, Skyler Samuels as Chloe King and Grey Damon as Brian (ABC Family)

The Nine Lives of Chloe King stars Benjamin Stone as Alek, Skyler Samuels as Chloe King and Grey Damon as Brian (ABC Family)

The Nine Lives of Chloe King” is about to get ten times more complicated. In the first four episodes of the new ABC Family drama, teenager Chloe King learned that she was not only a member of the Mai, a race of beings descended from an Egyptian goddess, but the Uniter, a prophet tasked with ending the war between the Mai and a group of humans known as The Order who are out to destroy them. So far, the Mai have been presented as benevolent superheroes with cool retractable claws. This week, Chloe encounters a couple of Brazilian Mai and learns that, just as with humans, there are good and bad Mai. The cast dished this plot twist, and the second half of the season, at a recent set visit in Los Angeles.

Skyler Samuels, who plays Chloe, reveals, “When Chloe meets these two Mai sisters from Brazil she thinks, Oh my God! You’re Mai! You’re like me. We can totally get along. What Chloe doesn’t realize is that not all Mai are good. She slowly begins to see that there is a battle within her own race, the battle of, ‘Oh my gosh. You’re evil but you’re my kind. Is it wrong to fight you? What am I going to do?’ Chloe’s got a lot of decisions to make. It’s a very juicy episode.”

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Benjamin Stone, AKA Alek, Chloe’s Mai mentor/potential love interest, adds, “They’re a different tribe. They have different morals, different ideology, just a different way of thinking about what the Mai’s place is in the world.” The arrival of the Brazilian Mai will also allow Alek’s cousin Jasmine, who has been relegated to the a supporting role, to come into her own. Alyssa Diaz, who plays Jasmine explains, “You know those girls at school who seem really cool but your mom’s like ‘I don’t want you hanging out with them?’  Those are the Mai sisters. So Jasmine has to step in and show them who’s boss.”

As for the Willow and Zander of the 21st century Scooby gang, Paul and Amy hit a rough patch in their romance. Grace Phipps, who plays Amy, claims it’s all Paul’s fault. “It’s mainly a communication issue. Amy asks Chloe for help and Chloe goes about doing so. It’s theoretically great, but, even though they all grew up together, sometimes Paul doesn’t speak girl. So there’s a translation issue.” But Ki Hong Lee (Brian), sees it differently. “They go through kind of a rough patch and then you’ll see in the next couple episodes how he handles the situation, whether or not they get back together. You see a different side of Paul.”

As for the question on the mind of most fans: does Chloe belong with Brian (Grey Damon) or Alek, Samuels refuses to take a side. “I think Chloe’s always torn between what her heart wants and what her head wants. In Chloe’s heart, she’s head over heels for Brian, her true love. But at the same time, the safe guy to be with, he’s always been there for her, is Alek.”

According to Stone, Alek is conflicted about his feelings for Chloe. “One of the fights that he has with himself is that he obviously likes Chloe and he can see that she likes somebody else but he know that they can’t be together. His battle is between telling her as the protector and mentor that she can’t do this, that she has to put the Mai first, the Uniter first, but then also he has the motive of, ‘I also want to be with you.'”

Chloe’s absent father is one of the show’s big mysteries. He left the family when she was young, but has been sending her mysterious e-mails since she discovered she was a Mai. According to Samuels, Papa King is knee deep in the Mai-Order war. “We will meet Chloe’s dad eventually. Not this season, but Chloe’s dad is definitely playing a huge role throughout the season. The e-mails she’s getting, she begins to realize it’s definitely her Dad but, like the superpower and being Mai, Chloe hasn’t told her mom. It’s a huge point of friction and tension in their relationship.”

Her mother, Meredith (Amy Pietz), may figure out her daughter’s secret identity by the end of the season. “I think subconsciously she suspects bigger problems for her daughter than her daughter is letting on,” say Pietz. “Being Mai, the concept to Meredith would be so completely foreign and unbelievable. I don’t think she suspects that. But she certainly is concerned and growing more so.”

The entire cast agrees: the show’s “min-finale,” episode 10, will be epic. Says Samuels, “Episode 10 we’re getting a sense of all the mysterious figures we might have heard of and known about throughout the season. They’ve never really been real people until now. All of a sudden they’re kind of emerging. All the people you wouldn’t associate with Chloe and her daily routine and the people she knows and loves, they all start to cross paths in interesting ways. It gets messy. The web gets bigger.” Adds Stone, “It’s like watching “24.” There’s cliffhangers every single page. I read it one morning. I just meant to read 10 page of it in about 5 minutes, and I just had to read the whole thing because it is a jam-packed episode.  There’s a lot that goes on. There are new characters. People are in jeopardy. Maybe someone dies.”

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