Emily Maynard Opens Up About Split With ‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack

Emily Maynard (ABC)

Emily Maynard (ABC)

Since ABC offered a “Bachelor Updates” special, America politely waited to hear Emily Maynard spill the deets on why her and Bradonka-donk Womack’s fairytale romance zapped off into reality TV oblivion. But after host Chris Harrison ended his 20-minute interview with the sniffling single mama, the only thing that we were able to take away is this: We have enough close up shots of the Southern Doll’s creamy foundation, motionless mouth, and non-existent tears to last us a lifetime. Oh, and we’re still waiting for that personality to show up. The rest is lost on us.

“I’ll always be in love with Brad,” the 25-year-old confessed to an unfazed albeit sweaty Chris Harrison. “Not a day will go by that I don’t regret how things have turned out and wished things were different.”

Trembling with heartbreak throughout her conversation but never managing to shed a tear, Emily added that she’d never say anything bad about the 39-year-old “gentleman” and that he’d always be part of her life.

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So what the heck went wrong? Her unsatisfying, vague answer: “little red flags” popped up. Did Brad not seem to be a responsible enough stepdaddy? Did he have a secret propensity to dance around in Emily’s panties? Was he drunk texting Chantal O’Brien? Pray tell us! But no. “Little red flags” is all we essentially got.

“I realized that maybe my ‘want’ for it to work out…overshadowed the actual reality of the relationship,” she said. “I didn’t doubt that we loved each other; I just doubted he was still going to want to be with me.”

Describing the split as her “worst nightmare” and “heartbreaking,” Emily also admitted no one was as disappointed as her. Apparently, the veteran love host sitting across from her felt pretty let down, too.

“I believed Brad and Emily would work,” Chris recently told People. “I knew the interview was going to be very difficult for her and for me.”

He continued: “I want people to know she was very reluctant to come on. Because of all of the media attention, all the tabloids, all the paparazzi and this insatiable appetite for information on the relationship, she kind of bit the bullet and was the one to step forward, and it was incredibly brave of her to speak up all by herself.”

Ah yes, to add to the many unanswered topics, Bradilda was nowhere to be found, but according to Emmie-cakes, he gave her his blessing.

So how does the Northy Cackeylackian want to move forward now that she’s gotten all that ambiguity off of her chest and left it on us to ponder? She says she wants to focus on being a mom.

Pardon us for saying, but isn’t her focus on becoming the next Bachelorette?

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