‘AGT’: Contestants Literally Risk Their Lives

The Fearless Flores Family on America's Got Talent (NBC)

The Fearless Flores Family on America's Got Talent (NBC)

A pair of daredevil acts cheated death Tuesday night in hopes of moving closer to the $1 million prize on “America’s Got Talent.”

The Fearless Flores Family – a brother-sister duo from south Florida — were back on their motorcycles zipping around at 80 miles per hour inside their large metal “The Globe of Death.”  Only this time, to up the ante, mom joined in too.

“We could lose an entire act with this family,” judge Howie Mandel joked.  “This is the only act, where if the mother joins it becomes more dangerous.”

Watch Them Take The Stage:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/America-s-Got-Talent/2116/2052820086/The-Fearless-Flores-Family-Performs-In-Hollywood%21/embed 580 476]

Later in the two-hour episode, gymnast Cassie Sandau left audience members too afraid to look as she performed triple back flips, landing perfectly on a 8 inch wide springboard called the Russian Bar.  Oh yeah, and did we mention the bed of nails and fire below if she slipped?

“Literally, one mistake – and she does occasionally fall off,” judge Piers Morgan told us immediately after the show.  “You have to think if she (misses) on live television, what happens?  It is not going to be good!”

See Sandau’s Act:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/America-s-Got-Talent/2116/2052870648/Sandau-Trio-Russian-Bar-s-Performance/embed 580 476]

So far, season six has turned out to be the most dangerous yet for NBC’s top rated summer series.

“There has already been – and they edited it out of the show — a lot of blood and a lot of the people carried out to the E.R.,” Mandel said. “You have seen a little of it on the air.  But (worse) could happen.  And it is happening.  We have so much danger still to come.”

Tuesday night’s line-up featured 12 of the show’s top 48 acts, including a group of dancing elves, a parrot singing “Over The Rainbow” and an 11 year-old school-girl from Alaska who Morgan believes could win it all.

“She’s great,” he said of 6th grader Anna Graceman, who wowed the audience with her rendition of “What A Wonderful World.”

“She’s a 4 foot four inch kid singing Louis Armstrong… Imagine the nerves,” he said.

“She wasn’t perfect.  She missed a few notes on the piano and missed a few notes singing.  But you have to remind yourself, she is 11 years-old.”

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