Clues to ‘All My Children’s Online Premiere Date?

Susan Lucci celebrates All My Children's 40th anniversary. (ABC)

Susan Lucci celebrates All My Children's 40th anniversary. (ABC)

Will “All My Children” Premiere Online September 26th?

There is still no confirmed information about “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” moving from ABC to the Internet. However, TVGuide is reporting that AMC may not go on hiatus at all. According to the magazine, production company Prospect Park plans to debut the first web episode of AMC on Monday, September 26th, just three days after the ABC finale on Friday September 23rd. That timeline seems hard to pull off, even assuming that the production company leases the studio where the show currently films and manages to put together new contracts for the cast, writers and crew. However, the article claims that not only will the show go on, uninterrupted, but Lorraine Broderick, who has made the show consistently entertaining in a matter of weeks, will continue to be AMC’s headwriter. Julie Hanan Carruthers will remain executive producer and Susan Lucci has agreed to stay with the show, though she may not stick around longterm. If this is true, either everyone has agreed to massive paycuts out of love for the show, or the company has agreed to pay salaries that are in line with currently industry standards for daytime television. Fox News has a more pessimistic take, claiming that Michael Knight (Tad) has decided not to continue with the show and that, “Several current cast members revealed they have been told their salaries will be cut, and they aren’t sure they want to go the online route for less money.”

TVGuide also claims that the original Kendall, Sarah Michelle Gellar, may make a cameo on the show before its ABC finale. The magazine deems it hard-to-believe, but it should be relatively easy to write a scene in which Gellar plays a waitress/bartender/clerk interacting with the current Kendall, Alicia Minshew. Not only would it be fun for both the audience and the actresses, but it would generate positive publicity for Gellar shortly before her new series “Ringer” debuts on the CW.

DOOL Confirms Drake Hogestyn is Returning

When Marlena returns to Salem on September 26th, she will be accompanied by her true love John. DOOL has issued an official press statement trumpeting the return of Drake Hogestyn to the show. It comes as no surprise, given that the audience has unofficially known for months that Hall and Hogestyn will return since Louise Sorel spilled the beans in an interview about her departure from the show.

September 26th, the possible first day of AMC’s transformation into a web soap and the definite day that ABC’s new talk show “The Chew” debuts, will be the first official day of the revamped DOOL. This is the sort of bold scheduling move that is routine in primetime, but rarely happens in daytime. DOOL airs in the same time period as AMC and “The Chew” in many markets. A lot of disgruntled AMC viewers, who have vowed to never watch “The Chew” will The struggling soap is embarking on an ambitious plan to return to its roots, bringing back beloved former actors including Matt Ashford, Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon and tasking new headwriters Marlene McPherson (who was going by Marlene Clark Poulter when she got the job) and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. with returning the show to its original focus on family and romance. In a press release, executive producer Ken Corday stated, “”We are thrilled that Deidre and Drake are rejoining the show. I know their return will excite loyal fans and intrigue new viewers. We are gearing up for some amazing cast surprises and guest stars visiting Salem in the fall, launching a grand event airing on September 26th.” That begs the question: what is the grand event? An obvious choice would be Hope and Bo’s upteenth remarriage. But given the numerous weird events that happen in Salem, it could also be a giant meteor shower engineered by the DiMeras, or the discovery of a herd of unicorns. My favorite sentence in the the press release is, “Together the two have had four weddings, raised a family together, and survived paralysis, amnesia, false deaths, and mind-control, all while representing the idea that true love and family conquers all.” Why no mention of their most infamous challenge: Marlena’s possession by the devil?

Sharon Pays the Piper

I am enjoying the fallout of Sharon’s (Sharon Case) return to Genoa City on “The Young & the Restless“. Nobody is letting her off the hook for letting the world think she was dead and embarking on a new life as farmhand. She has not made the one argument that could make her actions seem anything other than selfish: that she did not want to put anyone she cared about to end up in prison as an accessory to her escape.

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Noah’s (Kevin Schmidt) disappointment in his mother has been heartbreaking. Adam’s (Michael Muhney) discovery that Sharon was quite capable of moving on from their alleged great love has been delicious. I am not sure why he thought that a woman who had three potential fathers of her baby, and was able to fall in love with him even though he stole her baby and let her think it had died, would be faithful to him forever. He is also a hypocrite, given that he did fake Baby Faith’s death to cover up his own crimes. While his choosing to withhold evidence that could free Sharon because he’s angry that she slept with another guy is despicable, it’s completely in character. Victor (Eric Braeden) persuading wholesome veterinarian Sam (Sean Patrick Flannery) to stay in town and fight to be with Sharon solely so she won’t get back together with Adam is equally fun. I am not sure why Sam wants anything to do with a woman who, as far as he knows, is a convicted murderer who will spend the rest of her life in prison, but a conceit of the show is that every man who so much as kisses Sharon falls in love with her. I am sure Sharon will soon be welcomed back into the Genoa City fold, just as she always is, but got the moment I am taking a perverse pleasure in her being punished for the one crime she actually committed.

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