Emmy Nominations Leave These Actors Feeling ‘Justified’

Walton Goggins of 'Justified' (Photo: FX)

Walton Goggins of 'Justified' (Photo: FX)

“Justified” isn’t just the name of their show. It’s also how four of the FX series’ actors – Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Margo Martindale and Jeremy Davies — felt Thursday morning when they get word that they’d been nominated for best acting Emmys. Their show is a critical success, but big audience recognition has been slow in coming, so acknowledgment from their peers in the form of an Emmy nod justifies their faith in their work.

“You don’t think about awards when you’re doing the show, but it was around the eighth episode last season where I really felt like I was into something great,” explains Martindale, who was nominated as Outstanding Supporting Actress for her work as drug-dealing matriarch “Mags” Bennett. “I knew it because everything started to come so easily to me and it seemed like we were all in sync. Honest to goodness, I felt like I won an award just by getting this part and hopefully with the nominations we got, the show will now get its due. They’ll get us some attention, which was part of the thrill this morning.”

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Likewise, her co-star and fellow nominee (for Outstanding Supporting Actor), Goggins, has been trying to keep the bigger picture in mind since he got the news earlier today.

“I learned early on from Michael Chiklis while doing ‘The Shield’ that you can never be cavalier about this success,” explains the actor, who plays the shadowy Boyd Crowder. “Just be grateful people are watching our show and if you’re included in this tiffany experience of the Emmys, be grateful for that. I’d be lying if I did say that in the back okf my mind it’s nice to feel the justification that people like what I’ve done but at the end of the day, the work is the reward…..it just sure does good be thought of, though.”


Both he and Martindale were up early Thursday to watch the nomination announcements, but for very different reasons. Martindale was curious to see if her name would be called so she watched with her husband. Goggins was up because his six-month-old son just wouldn’t let him sleep.

“He’s my alarm clock so I was going to be up either way,” he says with a tired laugh. “I watched and heard them call Tim’s name, and I got excited for my buddy. Then I just thought that the possibility that I might get that call was a miracle in and of itself. So after I got the word, I just went out with my son to lay on a sofa and look up at the trees.”

He and the other “Justified” nominees spent the morning texting congratulations to each other and made plans to celebrate their good news tonight. “My birthday is Monday, so maybe that’s what this is all about…it’s everyone’s way of saying ‘Happy 60th birthday, Margo,” the actress explains. “Plus, I start work on my new series (CBS’ ‘A Gifted Man’) so that’s a good way to celebrate too.”

Goggins, however, was thinking a bit bigger. He was planning on stepping out with longtime friend Johnny Galecki, who was nominated for an Outstanding Actor Emmy for his work on “The Big Bang Theory.”

“We’ll drink some wine, talk about life, love and politics….just do what I love to do most,” explains, who says that planning for the third season of “Justified” will most likely begin in a fe weeks. “Between that and just sitting here on a blanket outside with my son, this is as good a day as I’ll ever have.”

Want to get a glimpse of the work that earned “Justified” four Emmy nods? Here’s a teaser for last season’s explosive season finale.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Justified/105302/1929718023/Bloody-Harlan/embed 580 476]

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