Nancy Grace Explains Casey Anthony Acquittal on ‘Leno’

Nancy Grace on "The Tonight Show" (Photo: NBC)

Hard-charging Nancy Grace kept up her “prosecution” of Casey Anthony on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Friday night.

The outspoken HLN talk show host made it clear throughout the trial that she was certain Anthony was guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. And when Anthony was acquitted, Grace was vocal in expressing her dismay.

Jay Leno asked Grace if the jury in the case had all the information they needed to convict Anthony. Grace said yes. “Enough information was out there. Jay, to determine that she lied about her child’s disappearance, went out and partied, bought booze and push-up bras at the local Target, spent nights working as a ‘shot girl’ – that’s not [someone who is] worried about her child at all!”

Grace also felt the evidence overwhelmingly favored a conviction, including the presence of little Caylee’s hair in her mother’s car trunk. “I guarantee you that my children’s hair [is] not in a car trunk!” she told Leno.

She thought the jury was confused by much of what they heard during the trial. “The jury was given . . . enough evidence by far to convict,” she said. “I think that they did not understand the meaning of ‘reasonable doubt,’ the standard of reasonable doubt. They’ve admitted they even thought that the grandfather may have committed the murder and there is no evidence of that whatsoever. So they were making up all these scenarios in their heads. In fact, the foreperson said he was sick and disgusted at the verdict. I think that says it all!”

One topic Leno didn’t address with Nancy Grace: The criticism leveled at her and other cable TV commentators and personalities by Anthony’s defense team after the acquittal – that the TV talking heads were guilty of convicting their client in the court of public opinion.

Watch Jay Leno’s interview with Nancy Grace in two parts here:

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