‘Marriage Ref’ Host and Denise Richards Get Borderline TMI

Do viewers really need to know that “Marriage Ref” host Tom Papa likes to cuddle? Or better still, how much he likes to cuddle before going to sleep? Or whether Denise Richards agrees? No, but the they revealed that and more on Sunday night’s “Marriage Ref,” and you know what? It was pretty funny, not to mention a reason to pause and reflect on how your own relationship measures up. Actually, the show supplied two key discussions, the first about cuddling, which was borderline TMI, and the second about extreme neatness, which caused Denise to nearly reveal way too much about her ex husband, Charlie Sheen.

Take cuddling first. It was built around Sunita and Gurdeep Singh, a couple with a cuddling issue. He wants to do it all night every night, and she claims he “suffocates me.” They have a twin bed. She falls out all the time. Got it? The ensuing discussion with the celebrity panel was funny thanks to comic George Wallace. When Richards said she liked to cuddle, George quipped, “Come closer to me.” But it was host Tom Papa who opened the door on his bedroom. “I like to cuddle,” he said, continuing on about how much he likes to cuddle before he is ready to go to sleep. To find out, watch the video, though note that afterward Wallace said, “That’s why God invented king-sized beds.”

TMI? You decide.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Marriage-Ref/103825/2059769910/George-Wallace%2C-Denise-Richards%2C-Seth-Meyers/embed?skipTo=241 580 476]

The second couple, Ted Wee and Vicky Yoshimura, had an issue with control, specifically his freakiness about being neat. He had instructions about everything in the house from opening Taco sauce to closing the door. He left notes, too. He argued that life was “about neatness and order.” She called him a “control freak” and claimed that by controlling her, Ted was really “trying to control the universe.” Well, after panelist Seth Meyer said he wasn’t that neat, Richards nearly spilled the beans on her marriage to Charlie Sheen.

“I lived that,” she said.

“What do you mean?” asked Papa.

“I was her,” she said.

“Your ex did the sign thing?” he asked.

To see how Richards responded, watch the video.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Marriage-Ref/103825/2059769910/George-Wallace%2C-Denise-Richards%2C-Seth-Meyers/embed?skipTo=999 580 476]

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