Alexa Havins and Justin Breuning Return to ‘All My Children’

Alexa Havins and Justin Breuning are the latest “All My Children” alumni returning to the show prior to its ABC finale in September. Havins created the role of Babe Carey. Breuning played her love interest, Jamie Martin. Real life mirrored the soap, when the actors fell in love, got married, and had a child. Since leaving AMC, both have gone onto primetime stardom. Havins is one of the leads on Starz “Torchwood: Miracle Day” while Breuning starred in the “Knight Rider” reboot.

Though Breuning’s character left town, and can easily be written back into the show, Havins return begs the question: is Babe alive? The character died on-screen as a result of injuries sustained during a tornado. One presumed dead character Dixie Martin (Cady McClain) has already returned to the show. Another, Leo DuPres (Josh Duhamel) will appear August 4th. So either Babe will appear in a dream sequence or as a ghost or all of Pine Valley’s dead are rising from their graves like unusually attractive zombies.

Since Babe’s presumed death, her long lost twin Marisa (Sarah Glendening) has moved to Pine Valley, married Babe’s ex-husband J.R., (Jacob Young) who happens to be Jamie’s brother, and recently left him for Babe’s former best friend Bianca (Christina Lind). Their return should shake things up for the entire town.

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